Gas Vapors on rise again

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[QUOTE= we will never see 2.00 gas again.[/QUOTE]

I DO believe that !
Everything is for sale @ a certain $$
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to bad the Republicans are not up for REelection, then guess were the prices would be going. lol
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Originally Posted by BillR
Why is it EVERY year around this time that some CRISIS occurs to raise oil?
Refineries down
Pipeline shut down

This NEVER happened until around 2003/04. Before that, oil/gas stayed relatively stable.

I think we are being f**ked

BTW if the price of gas goes o $4.00 again the lousy economy will get worse. You would THINK our elected ass holes in Washington would attempt - something?!??
dont forget a dollar going south,,,or a better way to put it,,,how much would a barrel of oil cost with a strong dollar??
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Angry Who Holds All The Cards??


Lets face it , its not an all oil industry problem its an oil refinery (gasoline production) issue and a bit of the proof there is the statement you make that they like to export a lot of gasoline overseas versus put it in the the supply versus demand pipeline here. Why? Pretty simple, they can make more money selling it in countries where gasoline sells for $7-$10 a gallon than sell it to us here in the good ol USA at $3 a gallon!
The shortsided read on this is that every time they push the net cost of gasoline up to all time highs to the consumer here in the USA, they take another big bite out of our already shaky economy! This is where they live, shop and raise their families too, so it just helps push us towards the day when they may have to take all their money and switch citizenships to live their great lives!
Its really simple economics 101. They control supply and demand curve and they run the show!

Best Regards,
Ray @ Raylar
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Oil refineries hold a hand in the problem. The biggest issue is oil speculation. Speculators gamble on oil costing less or more in a given time. Well corporations have to appease their share holders and the way to increase price is to increase demand, supply or both. So its prety rediculous that a group of investors can dictate the price of oil. Reality is there are a lot of factors including opec. I dont buy the arguement that be happy that gas cost 3 bucks because they pay 7 in Norway. Well guess what were the biggest consumer so production and delivery of more oil should end up costing less per gallon.
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Study the facts and you start to get my point.
First, gasoline use in the US has been falling for over three years now and continues to fall, thats a fact!
Second, investors have not been able to get good interest rates on bonds, muni's and treasuries so they take those monies and start playing the commodities markets, that drives up the price of crude oil artifically and that even though not even the biggest cost of making gasoline helps drive up the price of gasoline.
Third, by controlling the volume of gasoline in the pipe line and storage at any given time the oil refiners can control the availability versus demand for gasoline and totally control the market price for gasoline here in the US. What do they do with the excess inventory and overproduction when supply here becomes to big, they ship it overseas where they can sell it for even more!
This is not Free Market Economics or Supply versus Demand pricing!
Its artifical manipulation of a market to extract maximum profit PERIOD!
Let it be known I am certainly not against profit or free market economics and I don't ever want to see government ownership or control of any industry.
But, we are at a very delicate and dangerous time in both our economy here in the US and in other parts of the world and if an industry pushes the cost of a consumer staple product it very tightly controls to a point where it tips a teetering economy into furthur recession or worse then the long term effects and damage will be staggering!
With the amount of gasoline usage dropping here in the US, the cost of gasoline should drop somewhat or at least remain stable. Its not and that scares the HELL out of me!
Big oil and Gas seems to have the attitude of "HEY, WE GOT OURS, SO IF YOU WANT YOURS -PAY-UP!"
Its the attitude that bothers me the most, not just the price of GAS! Lets hope understanding and reason prevail, or its gonna be a bumpy ride!

Best Regards,
Ray @ Raylar
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This is not Free Market Economics or Supply versus Demand pricing!

Its artifical manipulation of a market to extract maximum profit PERIOD!

Great statement...
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