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What is the best oil to use for a 2004 496 ho mag? Do most guys use marine oil or auto oil?
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I have 496 mags and have 795 hrs on them and not any motor problems.
I use merc oil the syn. blend or full syn. every 30 to 40 hrs.
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im sold to amsoil...15w50 dominator....75w110 in outdrive...
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Yep, here we go. I just get a few quarts Of ea recommended oil and mix together. That way I have it all!
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I want to make a point of this, because it seems to be talked about a lot. Everyone that has a boat without catalytic converters should be using some type of off road racing oil with higher levels of zinc

The reasons behind the changes in today's engine oil are numerous, but one of the main reasons is that the American Petroleum Institute (API) has regulated the amount of zinc levels to .08 percent, down from .15 of a few years ago (and even higher levels before that) due to its harmful effects on catalytic converters and emissions systems.

The highest level of zinc available today is Valvoline VR1 off road racing synthetic, or Brad Penn

I am of course partial biased being an employee of Ashland Oil (Valvoline).

Using an oil formulated for today's cars in a boat that uses car technology from 40 years ago is insane.

It's no secret the feds have taken the "good stuff" out of everything, zinc works!
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If I remember correctly VRI Racing oil has 1400 or 1300 ppm of Zinc and Phos.

Joe Gibbs racing oils has more of those antiwear additives

NEO motor oil has 1800 ppm

also LAT motor oils has around 2800 ppm of both if not more. Too much Zinc and phos is not good either just as too low of these antiwear additives. its all about having the right balance - Too much of one additive can reduce protection levels of other addives.

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Use the Merc Blend 20w-40. They design it for their engines. Really it is cheap insurance.

From Merc website:

IMPORTANT: The use of non-detergent oils, multi-viscosity oils (other than Quicksilver 25W-40 or a good quality 20W-40 or 20W-50), synthetic oils, low quality oils or oils that contain solid additives are specifically NOT recommended.

The table below is a guide to crankcase oil selection. The oil filter should always be changed with the engine oil.

Air Temperature

Oil Type

All Temperatures

Mercury Precision 4-Cycle 25W-40 Marine Engine Oil

Below 32? F (0? C)


32-50? F (0-10? C)


Above 50? F (10? C)

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