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How do I polish my lowre units & props?

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prop....CLR or lime away...that **** will fall off!
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I use straight vinegar. It is cheap & cleans up water spots with very little work. I have a spray bottle I put it in. I spray on, sit back, then start wiping down & comes up spotless. Since I do not have a polished lower I do not know how it will work on them. Try small area first. Works good on chrome.
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Run aground in a sandy area. That ALWAYS worked for me!

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Jewelers rouge and a buffing wheel will make em look like chrome
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If you have pitting, start with with a deburring wheel. I'm looking through Grainger and they have several different forms. Some mount on bench grinders, some on die grinders (pad and shaft) some are even available on belts. They also come in different grits. Anyways, use the deburring wheel to get started and then move to the different buffing compounds. If you are looking to do this only once in a while, a spiral sewn wheel will work ok. Sometimes I'll start with a emery (for stainless) and then move to the stainless compound which leaves a pretty good finish on both aluminum and stainless. Generally, I've found that the rouge only works on solt metals like gold.

In all honesty, the finish almost looks like hard water spots. Generally, I use Lime-a-way, but the other acids will also work. If the lower unit is bare aluminum, I'd test a small spot first as they may react with the aluminum. I believe the result is lots of smoke and foam.
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Brad Perry
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There are two possible things going on here. One is solved with a light acid (vinegar, clr, lime away, etc..) and the other with a buffing wheel. I doubt that the stainless prop is acutally seriously oxidizing, just getting hard water deposits, so polishing besides being a pain, is really the wrong way to go about it. The aluminum might be oxidizing, but try the vinegar first. It just makes stuff go away. I made the mistake several years ago of trying to polish out that crap only to have a friend tell me that it was hard water deposits. It looked like oxidation to me, but buffing was going no where fast. Vinegar or lime away does the trick. I keep some in a squirt bottle in the boat and apply when pulling out of the ramp.

Caution! Do not put any of these acids on anything other than paint, powdercoat, fiberglass, stainless, etc. No plated steel! It will go right through it in a couple of weeks, so I would caution you with water spots on the engine unless you have all stainless fasteners!
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Cool Re: How do I polish my lowre units & props?

Originally posted by Uncle Toys
My cool polished lower units and props are getting tarnished (is that the right term?). I have tried polishing by hand with Mothers, but that is extreme work especially in this heat. What kind of machine buffer should I get and how do you do the props?

Uncle Toys, Use lime away on your props. You will use a bottle on the prop but pour it on and rinse with water. Sometimes you nave to use a brush for the corners

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For the lower housing, use Tripoli compound and then White Rouge, because its aluminum, Then for the prop use the tripoli compound, and then Jewlers rouge because its stainless. You can use an electric drill with buffers attached do acomplish your goal. All of these items can be found at an ace hardware store or home depot. Good luck.
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Wild Horses
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Ask your wife to polish your lower unit..... mine does it daily to mine
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Originally posted by Dean Ferry
Muratic Acid will clean the deposits off the prop, and wash down with H2O, dry and spray WD-40 on them. Just be careful where you use the Muratic Acid, it will leave a Mark!
I will second can also use toilet boil cleaner that contains acid, and then just wash with water. The calcium content at Havasu is very high, but this stuff will take it right off.
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