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OT. Navel Ring question

Old 07-03-2002, 10:02 AM
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Default OT. Navel Ring question

I finally talked my wife into getting a navel ring. Her friend said she has to wait untill after boating season because she can't get into the water for 6 months. I'm calling BS.

How long do you have to wait? Anyone......Anyone.....
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Old 07-03-2002, 10:05 AM
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i think my wife just had to be carefull for about 2 weeks. big thing was keeping it clean all the time at first. it took her about two or three weeks to get used to it to the point she forgot it was thing is it keeps them wanting to stay fit and trim to show the ring off guess thats why i dont have one
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Old 07-03-2002, 10:28 AM
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One of our lake friends had it done at the beginning of last summer, she didn't swim all summer. Kept it coated with vaseline all the time. Maybe there is some truth to it.

Unless their abs are flat and about 12% bodyfat, these rings look like **** anyway. My .02
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Old 07-03-2002, 10:35 AM
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The ex got in the water a month after hers was done. It did take 6 months to heal. Donna is getting hers down next week and I know she can't stay out of the water that long.
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Navel Rings were great 8 years ago. Now too many people have them that REALLY SHOULD NOT; and it really takes away from the people who should (like your wife).
Some people actually do take 6 months to heal properly. It is a very sensitive area, and she will not be able to wear any tight clothing for a while, (not to mention sex and sleeping will need some adjustment for a while). There is no guarantee on them staying in either. Sometimes they are rejected, and pushed out in a few weeks. I would be hesitant to do it during boating season, because you have an open 'sore' while it is healing, with no mucous membrane (like the other openings in your body) to keep germs and bacteria out; and we know what is in the water sometimes. For the first few weeks, she will have to sit there each night with a shot-glass full of (clean) saltwater upside down on her belly for 15-30 minutes, as it helps the healing. After a while the tenderness will go away, and she will be able to change them out and such. If she does go for it, have her get a barbell, and NOT A HOOP. The barbell has less of a curved radius, and will heal much better, and quicker, with less chance of being pushed out. Go to a very experienced place, that uses a hollow, curved needle.

My opinion though... go to the mall and have her buy a half a dozen belly chains. They are ten times more attractive, and 50 times less hassle, and you can even buy some really nice (expensive) custom made ones on the net.

Yes, I have been through this before with friends/ex's. I also have a pierced eyebrow, that I rarely ever wear; I just keep a spacer in there to keep the hole, (it is not the most impressive thing in a business meeting; but the shock factor is killer when I sitck one in and surprise new friends).

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Default My wife had one...

It did take a while to heal. Can't remember exactly how long, but she did have to use cotton swabs and alcohol on it for a while. Skin around it was red and tender for some time. She had to take it out when she got pregnant. Not sure if she is going to put it back in.

To heck with the navel ring, go for broke and have her get a "ho-ring"!!

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Old 07-03-2002, 12:02 PM
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People heal differently. Some heal quickly(3-4 weeks), others reject the body jewelry and get infected.
1. Make sure you go to a professional !
2. Make sure the ring or whatever is being inserted is surgical steel, so that the body will not reject it.

Do not let your wife go into the water until it's completely healed.
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Old 07-03-2002, 12:14 PM
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I think someone told me once that your navel is the dirtiest part of your body; that area collects more bacteria than anywhere else. I've heard some horror stories of people getting infections. But, many girls have them so I guess you just have to be careful.

Too much trouble for me....I like Sydwayz' idea of the belly chains. Of course....I also go for the stick on tattoos from the quarter machines at the local Pizza Hut. lol I'm such a brave one!
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I had mine done in the summer three years ago. While I was told that I had to wait only one month to get in the water, it actually took much longer than that. Evidently, the ring wasn't inserted deep enough and, two miserable months later, I still had inflamation and pain. I then went to the "best" local piercing artist. After removing the old ring and waiting two weeks, he re-pierced my navel. After a month, it was fine and I now change the jewelry at least one a week. I find that barbells are more comfortable than rings and, if you need extra attention, you can adorn them with dangles. While it's not for everyone, I am glad I had mine done. My suggestions are 1) do research and go to the "best" reputable parlor in town 2) follow the aftercare instructions to the letter 3) don't get in the water until all of the redness is gone - a month or more depending on your reactions tot eh peircing and 4) do it after summer is over.
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Sydwayz has it right on the money. My wife waited till off-season and it took quite a while for the redness to go away. Good idea with the chains. I like them too.

Velocitease - Yea ditto on the barbell. Mine switched after a while and they are pierced differently. Better to decide before he shoots.

Just repeating, but ...
1) do research and go to the "best" reputable parlor in town.
2) follow the aftercare instructions to the letter!
3) don't get in the water until all of the redness is gone - a month or more depending on your reactions to the peircing.
4) do it after summer is over.
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