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OSO Observations

Old 07-03-2002, 04:04 PM
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Unhappy OSO Observations

I follow posts on this board daily Ė itís an addiction I guess. I donít post a lot because I only offer info/observations when I deem them useful (since Iím supposed to be working, I donít have time to post whore!)

My presence here is of little value, but several valuable members have left recently for good reasons:

Non-Boating Babble
Threads of a political or religious nature invariably become rants by the extremes Ė unable to see the other point of view and calling the other side unreasonable. (some are more unreasonable than others)

Mob Mentality
Letís all jump on the bandwagon and crucify someone! He seeís metallurgical structure in a low resolution jpeg, heck I see it too. Couldnít be scale particles or other form of outdrive residue. Iíve met Bruce, sabotage isnít his style, but that doesnít stop forum members from trashing him. Same thing happened to another member a while ago. Someone stole his identify and posted nonsense. Everyone jumped on him like flies on ****.

The drive is too high / the drive is too low. Props with the PVS wonít work without exhaust gas / props with PVS only work with thru-hull exhaust. Guess you can find any answer you want. From my observations, most people here donít know the difference between prop cavitation and prop ventilation (kind of sad when you think about it Ė pretty basic stuff).

The Veil of Non-Identity
Since I canít see you, youíre free to be whoever you want me to think you are, and damage the reputation of manufacturers in this industry in the process. Stop and think about it, complete strangers are helping form my opinions of manufacturers and suppliers.

Donít know that I have any. Since I came here a year ago I have learned a lot, and met a few boaters too. Lately I find Iím here just to see whatís stirred up next, and Iíve got better things to do.
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Old 07-03-2002, 04:11 PM
Tejas Raz
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I would have to agree. Bingo!

Love the board... Hate the bs&*~^$%
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sad but very true

May those with better judgements make the most out of OSO
May those that like to cloud others judgements make the most out of their uncertain destiny
May those of us just over look all the [email protected]!!$#!^ on OSO and move on to meeting more important people.

Sometimes I often compare OSO to AOL.
and that is not good at all
This Cat is trying to keep up with the Big Dogs
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Old 07-05-2002, 11:40 AM
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Default Kinda like going to a big party!

you can usually count on all these things - good and bad. You meet some helpful interesting people, important biz contacts, some drunk know it all's and you make some life long friends. There may be a verbal altercation, a fist fight or a wedding announcement.

I'd rather go to the party than stay home!
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Old 07-05-2002, 12:00 PM
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Like with anything, some people are just DICKS!! argueing with them brings out thier game even more, so dont bother. I never have problems with people on the board, and the people who try being DICKS to me get a answer, and set straight real quick, in a fairly polite manner and everything is fine from that point on, well so far it has worked this way for me, but I havent had this happen with any of the chosen few "problem starters" on the board, I tend to ignore anything they say and stay out of the threads they get into, these people always have a gripe with everyone they can like its some kind of cheap thrill that strokes thier ego or something. Thankfull there are only a couple of them on the board, we tell them to go away, they dont, they are quiet for a hour, a day, or a week, but eventually they just find a new thead to start **** in. They are the ones that need to be told to shape up, or ship out...permanently!!
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Art imitating life???????

I learn a lot from reading posts in the tech section. A long time ago I learned that mechanical advice will generally run the full spectrum. It is ultimately up to the end user to use his brain and sort the facts out.

And yes, this board has lost members when it should not have. There are some people that jump on a post just to start an argument, not to simply state their opinion. This has PO'd many members, and I think it is best to leave the trolls alone. Anybody remember Hurrikane, Realracer and Pude r????

just my .02
Ronnie aka Bulldog
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