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Default Nextel????

To my g/f's amazment, my AT&T phone servived the weekend. For everyone in my immediate area's sake it is time to change my phone. No one should have to be subject to that kind of ranting.
Who is using Nextels and how is the service, both radio and cell?
Im in the northern NJ area, I boat mostly from Kingston to Atlantic City.
How about Florida, Mass, New Hampshire.
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I dont know about your area but in central ohio Nextel service really sucks both the cell and two way. my .02
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Tantrum~ Todd & I have Nextels...I really like them...especially, the 2-way radio part!! We have nights & wknds. free & all incoming calls are free. He has a set-amt. of min. on his and I have a set amt. of minutes on mine. All in all-I think Nextel's Great!!
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No telling if it is going to work or not. We would have four of us in the same car at my last job, all of us on separate phone calls, and the three others had great signal, and I had awful, or someone else had awful signal, and these were all new phones. The 2-way feature is currently spreading across regions, and soon is said to be across the states, but who knows. Email, pager, digital and analog cell, and 2-way makes for a very versatile piece of equipment, HOWEVER, we could not depend on them, as all those features in one little tiny black box, really stresses the little black box out.
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AWESOME!!! We have two, been with them for 5 years.
NO HIDDEN CHARGES for in and out calls, your quote is your bill!
They round to the second....

There is an occasional no service Zone in an area of very small population, but not often.
I recommend them for sure!

My folks live in Chillicothe Ohio, it works there and most areas in Ohio that we travel (South East).

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It is one of the best ideas ever, and one of the worse excecutions of an idea ever. If they would stop spending money advertising their service, and more money upgrading their service it might be all right. I have never seen a company with such poor customer service. They are now an institution not a corporation. They do not care whether you come, stay, lay or pray once you sign a contract. If I was not in constuction I would not have that service for a minute. It was better years ago when we had it, now so many have it their capacity is full. THose towers can only handle so many signals at a time, and that is why the service is hit or miss. During peak times you get dropped, cant get through ect. "Keep track of this and we will credit you", why dont you send a rep in my car full time so he can do the job, I get paid to sell not track your poor service, And chase you around for 4 f#$ckin' months for my credits, warraty claims, and wrong charges. Take it from someone who uses these phones non-stop, propably 2000 2-way a month and 2-3k on the phone. The service is terrible. Do you want to know what I really think. I tell them that if my company performed as they do, we would not need these [email protected]#ckin' phones because no one would be doing business with us!! Midnight
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I like mine
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Western New York Very poor.Customer service. Basically there is none. jim
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Thumbs up Nextel

I am outside of NYC and my service is fine... I have used the direct connect from the top of CT all the way to Alantic City.

The first month or so is horriable with the service department and the billing department of Nextel but after that all has been fine.
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Like any Cell phone it depends on were you are at. Some will have great luck with them and others will hate it. Make sure to test it out yourself and get them to allow you to have a 30 day out if the service is not to your liking. Most companies will give you that. Good luck.

Put your best foot forward!
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