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Marvel Mystery Oil

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one more thing....i have friend that have LEASE trucks...we run the PISS out of them...change the oil 2 times once at 50k and then when it gets returnd!...this is the great part....we add oil when the light comes on...most of the time 4qt min to fill it!...o-yeah we use it for ice climbing so we start it at -10 w/ZERO warm up and run the snot out of it....yeah,,,the engine is hurt'n when we give it back...but it runs and has clean oil in!!!LOL...but we don't own it!!! i change my boat oil every 10 hours SVT is about 2k...unless i do a 300 mile trip and run a lot over 120+...then i change it.
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Awww, come on now Joey, FOMOCO doesn't spend any money on R&D do they???????LOL
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here at global testing wonder myself most days!!!LOL
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I did not "rebuild" the motor. I popped another piston in it, had the head done and it is approaching 140,000 now and still running strong.

(On its fourth oil change)

The inside of this motor looks like crap considering the mileage and 35,000 mile changes??

Are you stoned or something?

The guy at the motor shop thought I had already cleaned the head when I dropped it off. He said it had to be low miles cause it was "remarkably clean inside." He wanted to know how many miles it had. When he measured the cam, it came out to new specs. No wear he could detect.
Same thing with the bearings. Plasti-guage showed results my local machinist buddy thought were bull****. So he came over with his box of measuring devices and had at the crankshaft and caps. He could not believe what he measured. Everything still in new spec. (Unless Ford lies about what new spec is.)

Guess what oil flows through every vehicle he owns now??

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It takes about 13 quartz to fill my motor with oil, so how much MMO should I put in there as an additive?
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Tejas Raz
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Gumby, come on damnit. Have an opinion. Don't be so wishy-washy suger coating it.

Ditto on the plastic oil for me though. Ran Mobil 1 for a long time then the last couple of years, I switched to Royal Purple. Buddies wonder why I spend the money. Hell, I run harder than they do and even if you've got a 55 gal oil pan, oil changes are cheaper than rebuilds!

Still, MMO has it's place.

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Default Gummy Damnit

Gummy I think you need to lighten up a bit! You were the one who came out rippin with the dino sludge comments ..Congrats on your shiny escort inards .Perhaps if you didn't waste your money putting syn. in an escort you could move up to a Tempo or maybe even a taurus wagon.. I run 5 outboards and have no need for synthetic oil..The truck gets traded every 100K so I could care less what the inside of the motor looks like..
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Marvel Mystery Oil, What is in it?
An old friend of mine, who is one of the best tool and die makers I know, said that oil of wintergreen is one of the best penetrating oils there is and it is (was) available at some phramacies. Anyway, I swear I smell a bit of wintergreen in the MMO. Anyone else smell it?
Also, older differential oils had an additive called rape seed oil. No joke and I am not referring to Vaseline. I thought it was a GM part # and came in a small bottle. Maybe used for positraction rear ends in the late 1960's. Old car buffs should know this one.
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First off anyone who says that synthetic is always better no matter what has never done the testing, or looked at it. There are many cases in which synthetic oils can work too good. As far as for pure HP, yea no problem we've run "0" Redline, Royal Purple, and a few others works great, for a few passes down the dragstrip.

There's a place for everything !!!
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hey mltdwn12
the blown hemi is in a 29 dodge 5 window
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