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vacation from hell

Old 07-22-2002, 10:45 PM
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Unhappy vacation from hell

me and my girl left for cumberland lake last friday. almost there turn off
SR 461 onto 80 ran over some one's tool box.I couldnt see because it was raining so hard.scared the crap out of me.
sent the night at sommerset . got up early left for jamestown.
I was letting the boat off the trailer at the ramp. the boat slip down off the bunks wench rachet
slip a half turn while i was undoing the strap from the boat.
the crank handel caught me accross the nose. bleeding from my nose I stuff 2 pieces of paper towel up my nose to stop the bleeding. I was ok after about 1/2 hour. I got about 12 miles
towards the dam in the boat running about 45- 50mph..We was going to the falls , I felt a funning vibration in the floor of the boat
then a banging ..back off the thottle..then the engine locked.
we rented a pontoon with a 30 hp motor and still had a good time. life too short to give up..i had this boat for the last 4 yrs
and never had this much bad luck. putting a new engine..
this week.
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Old 07-22-2002, 10:49 PM
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Bummer Dude. I've had vacations JUST like that. Nothing goes right but you try to make the best of it anyway. Like both my trips to LOTO.
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Old 07-22-2002, 10:59 PM
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Thank God , someone else with my kind of luck. Here I thought it was just me
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Old 07-22-2002, 11:03 PM
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Man, tough vacation! At least you could rent a boat, well, sort of a boat.

Welcome to the board.
where in Indiana? I'm in the Northwest corner. We boat on Lake Michigan.
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Old 07-22-2002, 11:16 PM
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I gotta hand it to you, man. You made the best out a crappy situation. Way to go. Life is too short to not have fun.

Welcome to the board, Doug
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Old 07-22-2002, 11:20 PM
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On my way to Maine with the ex-gf, two snowmobiles in tow behind the blazer, snowing like crazy, night time. truck starts going slower and slower along the highway, same rpm's. Uh-oh. I'm heading up a hill exit 2 on the Maine turnpike, a good hour and a half from my destination. Truck stops going up the hill, smoke billowing from the rear of the truck. Hmm, time to pull over. Two minutes sitting there, cop pulls up behind us. Thank god. He says, "you think you make it to the exit 100 yards up the hill?" "hmm, lemme try" "nope". Cops calls flatbed and a Tahoe. Blazer goes on the flatbed, sleds behind the Tahoe. The place that gave me the tow also rented cars. Rented a car, had to get a hotel in town for the night. The place is haunted, the heat is running about 150* in the room. We have the window wide open, it's still snowing like crazy, but we made the best of that night if you know what I mean. Wake up, window is still wide open, gf naked on the bed and some guy plowing the lot of the hotel got an eyeful. I bet he was happy, gf was not! It snowed 12" that night, gf only got about 6" but we did it twice .

Got up, called the UHaul place to rent a pickup or van or something with a hitch so we could continue on. Well, all they had was a 14' box truck with a hitch on it. Went and picked up the truck, 14' is a lot of room for 2 suitcases and a gas can and some oil . Dropped off the rental car, picked up the sleds with the UHaul and kept going up to Greenville. spent the weekend sledding, had a blast and took the UHaul back home. Dropped it off the next morning, a week and a half later had to drivce back up to Maine (5 hours) to get the Blazer. New tranny from the dealer up there. I didn't want to bring it to a mom and pop shop because it was in Maine and I wanted a warranty on the tranny that I wouldn't have to drive 5 hours to cash in on. Good thing too, cause I had it replaced again the next year becuase it started to slip.

Total cost for a weekend of sledding? $3500

Total driving time? about 20 hours

Look on the plow guys face? Priceless
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Old 07-23-2002, 12:12 AM
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Just got back from a weeks vacation up north. Weather couldn't have been better (actually a little cooler would have been nice). We decided to upgrade the electric service to 150A panel in our neighbors cottage one morning. Cottage mechanical rooms arn't know for an abundance of space so we were in a tight area trying to determine the best place to mound the new panel making sure the door clears everything. Marking the place to mount the panel my friend hands the panel cover to me which I promtly let slip out of my hands as it drops about 5' straight into my foot....edge corner first. Yes folks....bare feet....because we're professionals here...we don't need no stinkn' shoes! Luckly my foot stops the edge of the cover from entering the linolium floor and nicking it . Oh well, numerous stitches later, several nice cold brews, life was all better....other than not being able to run the PWC's, and too damn sore to drive the boat.

I'm in the middle of my road trip this week, swollen foot and all through OH, WV, NC, and TN. About the time I get back to MI I'll be able to get the stitches out. Can't wait for next year! Wonder what home improvement projects we can come up with then
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