Tipping Ettiquette

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I'm at a indoor dry rack storage and when i pull in, they are already on the fork lift going to get my boat...... and i only tip the girl 2-3 dollars when she puts gas in it, and when they pull it out i give them $5.00 and they wash it and put it way!!! they seem happy.....
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Originally Posted by thirdchildhood
This is why I haven't been tipping. Read this thread. You might even recognize same names from the past, like Cuda. This is the first boat to get me on the Great Lakes where tipping became an issue and I followed this (bad) advice.

How Much Should You Tip At The Gas Dock?
If you have a 22 Donzi, $5 would be fine. If you have a 40+ footer and your getting fuel and a pump out then $10 would be more respectable.
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Originally Posted by Interceptor
I'll tip the dock help but i really dislike the whole tipping process in our society. It seems more and more places have tip jars at the cash register where all the employee or owner does is take your money and give change.
Agreed!! I never tip people that just take your money for a transaction. I don't get it??
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It's funny... Here in Canada.. I worked dock help/gas dock for years growing up. Maybe three people all week would tip. Granted .. I definitely do not look like Tripac87... lol. It is true though.. 13 years later, I still remember the people that DID tip.
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I will be tipping with $5 bills from now on. I love where Cuda said "the only tip they will get from me is not to play leapfrog with a unicorn"!
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Originally Posted by glassdave
I think its all about effort and attitude. If i pull up and its is a really easy slip with the fuel fill at easy access theres really not much a deck hand can do BUT if the effort and attitude is there its at least worth a fiver and that goes up with how ever difficult the tie up is and if they step up to other things like getting ice etc. Pumping out the head is another five minimum (that sucks). If i pull up and the dock kid sits in the booth on his Iphone or otherwise seems to be bothered by my being there . . . well guess what . . . notta. I am a big believer in tipping but also what it represents and it is never simply implied. I guess i start with the number five as i pull up and add or subtract as necessary.

oh and a hot chick dock hand needs to do nothing . . . thats at least a twenty though . . . . maybe a buck at a time if your lucky

John jr
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Originally Posted by 260BR
Tipping for sure. local fuel dock is the owner/operator type operation. How do you deal with that? I realized I have never tipped him even though he helps tie up, he brings the nozzle over but you pump. I really love the concept of tipping hired help but owners?...
The way our leaders feel about small business owners, they may need the tip more than the employees do. Service is service, tip on good service; even more for great service.

Places I frequent I even tip on bad service. I seem to get more mileage when that happens because I stand out even more since most don't tip at all on bad service. I don't fault them for doing so but a 25% tip to a server when they are having a bad night will get you remembered more than a 40% tip when they are having a great night.
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