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Baja Outlaw or Sonic 260

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Default Baja Outlaw or Sonic 260

My friend is looking at a 26' Outlaw or Sonic 260 (Intruder?) and wants to know which one has better resale down the road. The prices equiped the way he wants them are within a couple grand. They seem to ride the same, and have equal power. So it is really going to come down to which one has better resale value. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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I see you found the site from my post on Welcome!

Now hopefully these clowns will come through for me and answer your question like I said they would.

Come on guys! I linked him to this site from a newsgroup to get this question answered. Don't let me down!!!!


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What size Baja Outlaw? 25? The Sonic 260 is called the 260 Prowler. I have one, and love it; and I have spent a lot of time on 25 Outlaws, and riding beside them. He has to compare both boats as well as resale value. Where is he going to operating the boat primarily? The Sonic is probably much more comfortable in the rough stuff, compared to the Outlaw. I think so at least, and that is not a bias. The Sonic is also heavier, and will be slower, but much more solid. As far as resale, I would call it a toss up. Everyone, even new to powerboating purchasers, knows what a Baja Outlaw is. There are a bazillion of them. This can help and hurt at resale time, as everyone knows the boat, but there are usually a bunch of them for sale too. The Sonic is not as well known, which probably hurts its resale a bit, BUT, the Sonic is a much different boat, with many more ammenities than the Baja. I would definately recommend the Sonic. I say this because I looked at both of these boats, and you know what my decision was. Of course, look at condition as well, (if they are used). Also, do a search for this exact topic in the Sonic and General Forums. (Sonic 260 Prowler vs. Baja 25 Outlaw) There have been a few threads comparing the two, and there is even a member here that traded his 25 Outlaw in FOR a 260 Prowler.
Also, point your friend to my Member Area under photos for a few photos of mine, including one, completely airborne at 55mph.

Any other ?s, let me know.
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ultrastryk i have 2 friends with 25 baja outlaws and when we raft up the baja looks so much smaller ,i have a 1998 sonic with 502efi and run 69-70 mph gps , in the rough stuff i'm on the throttle and there off! ride in both and you'll see, in fact these guys paid more for there bajas then i paid for my sonic and they don't have half the amenities i do .one of the guys is thinking of trading his baja for the sonic!!
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Thanks for the replies so far. As for the type of boating he does - he likes to lauch off the waves in the ocean. He has had 2 outlaws (93 and 97) and now has a Fountain Fever. The Fountain is for sale because it has the step hull, and cavitates too much on take off. Also, with the carb, you get too much fuel starvation when lauching. So he wants to go back to the V hull with EFI.
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I'm the guy who traded his 25 Outlaw for a 260 Prowler. Sydwayz is right on IMHO. Here's my take.

The Outlaw had a 454MPI and the Sonic had a 496HO.

Outlaw is lighter and a bit faster. A little quicker on plane. A bit larger cockpit area. Lots of them on our lake.

Sonic is a solid boat. Lots of cabin ammenities for its size. Great freeboard. Deck walk around is really nice to have. Handles rough water great. Unique graphics.

I liked both boats for different reasons. Didn't have any problems with either of them.

BTW I sold the Sonic to a friend of mine (to buy a 33 Outlaw with HPs) and he absolutly loves the Sonic. We just wanted a bigger boat

I did OK on resale of both.

You can see pictures of my Sonic in the members ride section too (username is sonicdude).

But, its all a matter of personal preference. Take 'em both for a spin and see which one fits better.

My .02, hope it helps.

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If he likes to "lauch off the waves in the ocean" I would pick the Sonic. Heavier, stronger boat. Will hold up better in real offshore waters.

Re-sale wise. EVERBODY knows Baja. The Sonic will probably require someone that knows boats. Like an OSO member. He or she "in the know" would likely buy the Sonic vs the Baja.

Both are fine boats and whichever one he chooses, I hope he has lots of fun with it.

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Ultrastryk, well everyone one has good imput so i wont reiterate what they said, but....... I have raced my friends Baja250 when i had my 26 Sonic(both 502mpi's), and of course i beat him in the rough stuff but on calm water it was really close, i slowly pulled away from him though, and our gps recall's were within 1mph of each other, but of course this probably doesnt apply since he wont be on calm water.
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I've owned 2 '96 Baja's and now a 97 Sonic, all bought new. If the price is close for the two boats is close then he should buy the Sonic. The Sonic is better built and MUCH better rigged. I used to always have to tighten things on my 272 after running in 3' seas, I run my 31SS frequently in 5-7' seas and 4 years later I have never tightened anything! If he likes the rough stuff Sonic is the boat. Make sure he gets offshore motor mounts if he likes to launch the boat, regardless of which boat he buys. Wish him luck, I'm sure he will be thrilled with either.
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Hands down the Sonic is a better built and better rough water boat. The Baja may be a little faster to plane and top end, but once it gets a little rough the Sonic will walk the Baja and stay together.
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