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OT: Layoff time again.....

Old 08-01-2002, 01:17 PM
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You should start a new job or new career asap! You don't want to stay with that company and worry about being laid-off constantly--especially when your working your ass off for them. Good luck
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Who do you work for?
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I work for ECC International Corp. in Orlando, FL.
We manufacture training simulators for the Department Of Defence.

The meeting we had was reassuring at best. New CEO claims we are not going out of business.
We are making a profit, we have no debt but our overhead cost was way out of control. With the upper management layoffs he was able to trim over 1M (30%) out of the budget. The new people appointed to fill those vacated positions will be making far less than their predecessors.
His short and long term goals sound good.
The problem is that we still occupy a building that was meant to have a very large workforce (1000+). With only the 110-120 that's left our customers get the impression we're going under.
Remember, perception is reality.
The building is for sale and management plans on leasing back what we need to operate.
So, now we have to change the image and bring in new contracts. It's going to be a long road.
I'd be interested in searching for a new job but after 14 years at ECC it's hard to think about leaving.

Thanks guys.
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Old 08-01-2002, 08:56 PM
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A little lite layoff humor.

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Old 08-01-2002, 09:46 PM
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One of the reasons I am self employed is to avoid going through your situation. I worked as a district manager for the company I now represent for 9 years before going indepenent 6 years ago. I could see that the business was changing. It was a tough decision to make but I have never looked back. About 2 years ago the company hired a new president. Since then, almost all of the people I used to work with have been fired. I'm sure I would have been one of them if I had stayed.

I am not getting rich but I feel I am doing better than I would have had I stayed with the company. And I don't have to please anybody but myself and my customers. Self employment is not easy and it is not for everyone. The competition is fierce and I work a lot of hours, too. I am not suggesting that you should go that route. I am just relating my experience with the job market.

Starting a new job or career is not the end of the world, in fact it could be the beginning of a whole new one. The days of having only one or two jobs for your entire working life are long gone. Everything is short term these days. Sadly, your situation is all too common now. (Globalization?) This situation is short term , also. Maybe your new CEO is going to get your company back on it's feet and everything will be OK. Or maybe he will fall on his face and the company will go down. Who knows? Keep your spirits up and explore your options. The one thing you can control is your attitude.

Good luck, Doug
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Old 08-01-2002, 11:37 PM
Tejas Raz
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Been there, Done that. Got 2 t-shirts.

The good part is that both times, I came out ahead in the long run. Hurts though, don't it?!

With ya man!

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Old 08-01-2002, 11:42 PM
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When you posted this, I was on an all-employee conference call. They announced that we will be laying off 10% of the company (25,000 employees.) This is the second round for the year. I really need to get out of the telecom business.
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Old 08-02-2002, 12:00 AM
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I worked as a senior project engineer at a large paper mill for 11 years. I worked long hours for one of the biggest a-holes I ever met. My older brother was terminally ill (cancer), and these idiots wanted me to work weekends, etc.. I promised my wife I would quit and find another job.

It is difficult to think about starting a new job when you are so comfortable in the present setup, but it may be something to consider. This 'person' I worked for used intimidation, etc. and always made me feel that I was expendable. There have been 3 engineers in 3 years since I left, and I can only surmise that some people just don't want to kill themselves for a paycheck.

I now have more days off than what I used to put in extra- every other friday off, all federal holidays, and no overnighters.

It was scary at first, but it turned out to be the best move I ever made. Gain control by networking and finding out where opportunities are. Be ready to make the first move, and don't leave your future in the hands of some corporate bung-hole (no offense, Beavis).

Good Luck!
Bulldog aka Ronnie
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Iggy, I think I have heard of them, You guys in technology park off of alafaya? Or am I thinking of the wrong place, I have been to a military complex just south of UCF for work a few times, and if I remember correctly thats what they did there.

I am also currently looking for a new job as well.... They are making alot of "changes" where I am also... We all agree it is a predisesor to cutting our jobs completely. They got rid of 20% of our techs in Georgia a few months back, and now the axes are in Florida. I just wish things didnt change like they did when we became a "national" wireless carrier... (I work for that little jack guy)

Rainmn. Sounds like we are in the same boat.. Telecom was great for a long time.. Now it seems to be a sinking ship.

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We're located on the south side of Orlando, Oakridge Road and Orange Blossom Trail.
We're the only simulation company not in Research Park.
One of managements ideas is to move there to be closer to STRICOM (Simulation, Training and Instruction Command) and all the others.

Too Old,
The previous CEO did just that, fired the former COO, CFO, the top three VP's and brought in his own people. New CEO tossd out the old CEO's followers and promoted from within.

Sorry to hear about your brother.
Fortunately I don't have supervisors that treat me that way. I know you've heard this line before, but I'm not really expendable. There's no one in the company that has the training or expertise to do my job. I'm also self-sufficiant since my boss doesn't really know/understand what I do. My boss is software (computer) oriented and runs our software enginering department and I'm hardware related.

That sucks man.
Hope you don't take the hit, at least not till you find something new.

Tejas Raz,
Been there, done that, got the shirts to prove it.

My Dad had is own business for 35+ years, two large machine shops (Phila., Pa and Toms River, NJ). I'm a very good machinist, it's in my genes.
The days of one job for life are long gone. This is the 10th job in my career. Been layed off three times.
I'm hoping this place will turn around.

Thanks I needed that.

Thanks one and all.
Your comments really mean something to me.
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