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What kind of Halon system do you use??

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Default What kind of Halon system do you use??

In my engine bay I have a Kidde FyreWatch system using FE-241 extinguishing agent. This extinguishing agent is the successor to Halon 1211, but my needs a recharge after 2 seasons and has no leaks.
I like the automatic effect it would have on my hardware if a fire happened but the replacement cost is high and it should not have leaked.

With Halon out of favor now what does the board use and can I get it?


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Outboards with a transom shower, hows that!
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There are still some local extinguisher services that have Halon and will recharge, but you gotta make friends with them first since they will not advertise this.

The Halon gases stopped being manufactured several years ago, as they are a ChloroFlourocarbon and are included in the ozone issue. I would have never figured an extinguisher gas to be a heavy contributor like deodorant propellant, but it was included in the mfr ban anyhow.

The Halon gases continue to be by far the most effective for fires and do not leave any residue. There is no law prohibiting using the Halon, or reclaiming it, or recycling it. Extinguisher services just don't want to lose all of their remaining "stash".

Check around. You'll find what you are after.
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I disagree on the Halon being the most reliable. We had a engine fire 2 years ago. Burnt the whole engine compartment. The halon never went off. Even the bottle had fire markings all over it. Once we salvaged the boat, I rubbed the soot off the gauge, still read full I guess its better than nothing, but I don't trust them now.

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I'm not claiming that whoever mfd your unit produces the most reliable auto-trigger mechanism. I am saying that of the oxygen-consuming extinguishing gases in use, that the Halon gases do the best job of binding the oxygen, covering the area, and leaving the least residue.

As with all O2-binding gases, if a fire is present and the extinguisher fires, then all vents and openings must be covered to smother the fire and allow the gas to do its job. I have seen a boat in which the Halon system fired, and the owner immediately opened the hatch to see if it worked. The fresh air rushed in and the fire flamed back up burning the boat to the waterline.

I have also heard of an engine fire that began while the hatch was already open. The Halon bottle sat there and never fired because the heat did not ever build to the trigger point. If the hatch had been closed as soon asa the fire began, the heat would have rapidly increased and the bottle would have fired, consuming the oxygen and extinguishing the fire.

I hate that your unit did not fire. You should contact the manufacturer.
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