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OT: Who has a MBA?

Old 08-10-2002, 01:40 AM
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I would say that you should definitely go for it.
Although I'm only starting my second semester of grad school in two weeks, I can actually relate what professors are saying to the real world and visa-versa. In undergrad, it's tough to apply what's being taught because students rarely have the real-world experience to realate to.

Besides it seems that everyone nowadays has an undergrad degree; you almost need the MBA to stay ahead, or at least at the forefront.
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Here is some additional information. I will be going to school at night, so I will not miss any work. I will still be working full time. My work is not paying for anything. I am working for a small company and they do not have any program that pays for schooling. I have two years experience as an accountant. I will be paying for this with financial aid. I will be attending a state school that is ranked in the top 100 in the country and it is acccredited. Thanks for your input.
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I say... If you want it, go and get it. However, don't expect a big raise when you are finished.

I am a computer programmer. I have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Math (double major). I also have an MBA. As a computer programmer, the MBA doesn't help get me job interviews, but it doesn't hurt either.

I got an MBA because I wanted to know more about business. I also worked full time and went to night school (four years).

Was it worth it? Yes. I learned alot, and having a graduate degree says something about you. It says that you are willing to do more than the "average Joe", and that you finish what you start. If you go on a get a PHD, then you could be labeled a "brainiack". A masters degree is just right.

I don't brag about it, but it's a nice one-liner on my resume!

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Since you're working as an accountant, my first question is do you have your CPA Certificate, or, at least, did you pass the CPA Exam? That will give you the most credibility in the short/medium-run, assuming you'll stay in the accounting profession.

Once you get past that, then I'd recommend going for the MBA. That's the way I'm doing it (I'm an accountant as well), and, IMO, I think it's the way to go. Depending on your situation, it may work for you as well.
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Old 08-11-2002, 10:38 AM
Kent Perroux
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I just completed my MBA at a major University after many years of working.

Whether or not it helps my salary in my current position is currently up for debate. It does, however, significantly help me with negotiations with my customers.

I have an application for Ph.D. sitting in front of me now....considering. I like that idea of summers off.

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Old 08-20-2002, 10:27 PM
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uh.......that would be "an MBA" not "a MBA"
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