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2003 Calendar 100 percent GO! I got a sponsor!!!!!

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Ladies and Gentlemen:

Here's the deal. After discussing this project with several board members and marine industry people, I have made an educated decision to do a 2004 calendar.

Here's my (our) reasoning.

1. The 2003 calendars are already out and on the shelf.

2. The earliest I could have the final saleable product would be early November.

3. Doing a calendar for 2004 would give (everyone) me an entire year to find or shoot the perfect photos. IE, wax those hulls, tone those bodies, and start shooting!

4. You guys could even vote on which ones make the final cut, and we could all have fun with this instead of rushing an "acceptable" product to market.

Directions to shoot the perfect running photo: Shoot boat-to-boat. The boat does not have to be running fast, it only needs to be on plane. Shoot early a.m. or late afternoon. Shoot AWAY from the sun. DON'T wave at the camera. Make sure to have at least one very beautiful woman in the photo. Make sure the background is not disturbing.

Directions to shoot the perfect photo for this calendar: Be creative and make sure that the beautiful girl is the focal point of the photo. The entire boat need not be in the photo. A creative shot (believe it or not, tastfully done) that I once saw was of a girl bending over the engine compartment. The photographer shot a picture of the engine through her legs. It was a really hot photo.

Does anyone have an underwater camera? Find very still waters, and take a shot half below the water and half over the water with a girl standing at the stern between the props.

I don't want the usual Powerboat Mag shot. I want art.

Thank you!


Dear Mike:

Please! This is great. I hope I did not see this post too late. Either print out this thread or explain to the photographer the editorial guidelines.
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Jennifer~ Good luck with your calendar.
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