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Is it just Me???? But when....

Old 08-13-2002, 04:00 PM
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Default Hey Dean.........

Just get in the boat, grag a guest or two and go! WTF, it's your boat, and Velocity Boats are NOT ment to just lay there!
Then come back and get some more people, take them for a ride!
If they don't like boats, well, what better time to go it alone. Good attitude adjustment. Tell the wife you need it to calm you down. Works for me!
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Ahhhh, if it was that easy brother, I would do it! Plus the fact that the idle from our dock to the first Non-Manatee zone is 20 minutes one way, 1.5 HOURS the other!
Unfortunately, I work so much, that WHEN I do go boating, I always take the family, to spend time with them! This damn work thing is always getting in the way!
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Default Dean-O

Are you saying That it takes 1.5 hrs to get to a full throttle zone??

Holy S#*T! I should feel lucky 125 ft of No Wake to open water 1200 yards to the inlet and WIDE OPEN gulf of Mex. I 'm feelin for you brother. Those manatee weirdos have gone too far.

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Yeah dude! I have been that way for the past two weeks I hate it when my toys are broke
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Old 08-13-2002, 07:53 PM
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I am one nasty SOB when my boat is down !!!!
of course.......some think i am anyway.......
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Now this is my kind of thread!!! I am the KING of *******S when my boat is broken!!! Ask my girlfriend....ask my parents....ask any of my ex-girlfriends (a few of them are ex's BECAUSE of my boating disorder). There, I think I hit it on the head, it's a disorder..... Brokeboat Ignormus Disorder....or something like that.

At the moment, my truck is broken, so I can't even GET my boat to the lake. AGGGHHH!!! I have been a world class PRICK the last few weeks, a lot of it due to the most inconsiderate neighbor I have ever met. Tranny guy at a dodge dealer.....I am having tranny trouble with my dodge....."yeah, I'll fix it for you, no sweat...." 11 times this ass left me sitting at home (twice on a saturday) waiting for him, only to have him NOT come over (it's 6 houses from mine to his), not call, not make any effort to help, tell me he can't help, or otherwise. Well, thanks to MitchStellin (formerly DonziMitch) my truck is now at the tranny shop and I am waiting like an expectant father for it to be done!!!! Not looking forward to the bill though. At least the tranny shop owner is a boater. 303 Checkmate that runs right around 100 mph!!!! Oh yeah!!!

And thru all of this my girlfriend has been bringing over pizzas and pops. That helps a lot!!! And not once has she blown up at me for being such a prick. What a girl. That's all I can say. She likes to boat too, so that helps. And she likes my truck (likes to sit up high on the road). So that helps. And as soon as it's fixed, I'll return to my normal, easy to get along with self. Well, it will probably take a day or two, oh well.

[b]M Go Blue.......Gator boots, gator luggage, gator purses... all at cut rate deals!!!!
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