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Sbi Nj Results????

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Default Sbi Nj Results????

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Be patient.
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Invensys in F2, Instigator in Super V, Bankbeaters in Superboat limited Can't remember the rest
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Hello Race Fans,

Race week started with the arrival of the SuperBoat International members
and staff, a contingency of dedicated professionals who have honed their
craft as they travel from race site to race site in order to provide a safe
place to race. When they come to New Jersey, they are greeted by the oldest
offshore racing club in the United States, the NJ Offshore Racing
Association and its sister organization, OPA. At this particular race, the
two groups worked together extremely well and put on a first class show, in
spite of a tragic start.

The group of SBI personnel, led by its President, John Carbonell arrived on
Tuesday in preparation for the first boat’s arrival on Wednesday. On
Wednesday morning, John learned that his grandson had passed away in his
sleep in his hotel room. As you can imagine the group was devastated by
grief, but they quickly pulled together and continued doing what needed to
get done. John and his wife Deena left to tend to their family’s needs while
every one else continued the task at hand. As the racers arrived and heard
the news, a memorial was established at the pits and was quickly filled with
flower arrangements sent by the race teams and supporters. It was a
beautiful display of affection.

Please remember Mando Parra in you prayers tonight. He will be missed by

* * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * *

It’s 7am on race morning and the first thing I always do is to check the
direction of the wind. The lousy southeast wind that has been blowing for
the last three days has changed to a soft westerly breeze. Much calmer seas
will quickly replace the snotty conditions that existed during Thursday’s
test session. The set up that worked during testing session was not going to
do the trick today.

At 9:30 Jet Set, the local 3000hp turbine powered boat pulls up to my
neighbor’s pier to pick Paul and I up. This boat is such an anomaly that
when people see it, they instantly reach for their cameras. Mike Fusco has
been running this boat for the last 6 years and has completely mastered the
art of running Jet Set. Including providing passengers with complimentary
earplugs to dampen the incredibly loud whine of the turbines. Now if he
could just figure out a way to keep the flames from singeing the hair on the
back of his passenger’s necks from the flames.

Mike lit the torches and we were gone. Running across the bay at 110 MPH in
Jet Set is done as effortlessly as doing 40 mph in boat capable of running
80 mph. It’s like the sweet spot where the boat is most efficient. Anything
slower and it’s coming off plane, any thing faster and your pushing the fuel
mileage down. We got out into the ocean and onto the racecourse at about
10:15 and ran around it one time to ensure the markers where in their
correct positions. Upon re-entry to the inlet, Mike put on a spectacular
flame show for the thousands of cheering fans along the jetty walls as we
tried to hide from the heat by getting down on the floor of the boat. When
we arrived at the wet pits, Paul and I relinquished our seats in Jet Set to
two of the local State Police officers who offered to give Mike a permanent
“Get out of Jail Free Card” for a ride. With a whoosh, a whine, a puff of
smoke and flame, Jet Set was headed back out into the ocean for another
round on the racecourse and a flame show to thrill the fans on shore with
the two officers on board. Thanks Mike, it was great to have you as a part
of the show.

Our ride for the day was Pace Boat 1. Pete Mazzo’s beautiful 42
Outerlimits. “No Discipline” was waiting for us and all the other race boats
at the Wharfside Patio Bar and Grill. We waited as Pace Boat 2, Mike
DeFransa’s awesome 36 Apache was leading the boats from the launch area to
the mouth of the inlet with Police escort. We mounted up and met them at the
inlet, got the race boats in line behind us and then waited for Coast Guard
clearance to blow the inlet. (Manasquan inlet is normally a no wake zone.
However, with Coast Guard approval and Marine Police escort, they allowed us
to run the inlet at full speed.) Upon receiving the final green light from
Race Control, Pete put the big Outerlimits into gear and advanced the
throttles so that we were skipping through the inlet at a comfortable 60
mph. Entering the ocean with a skip and jump off the inlet rollers we ran
the boats on a short pace lap around the course. Once in the milling area it
was time to find the smoke flare and let the boats know that it was only
three minutes to the start of the race.

Bringing the big boats down the beach is always a thrill. To be side by side
at 80mph with 15 of the fastest boats in the world is a thrill beyond
compare. Once the boats were all lined up to our port side, we swapped the
yellow flag for the green flag and the volume immediately erupted to a fever
pitch as the boats blew by us and washed us down with a very refreshing
spray of their roostertails. Less than a minute later, the big Apache
brought the second start down the beach in similar fashion.

With both starts cleanly off we pulled into the inside of the racecourse and
witnessed a breathtaking moment. The lead boat from the first start was the
Super V “Muscle”. He was now on his way north and was way off course running
right up the middle of the racetrack. This is where over 25 medical, dive,
and VIP boats are stationed to monitor the day’s events. I guess these guys
like to play follow the leader because behind Muscle came Firewater and
Instigator. It was clear that they were all headed for Tony Presti’s
SunSeeker VIP boat. It looked like Muscle turned hard right with about 100
feet to spare. Firewater and Instigator were side by side in Muscles wake.
Once Muscle turned and the spray cleared the other two boats took evasive
action…toward each other. Oh ****! They almost touched before they moved
apart and split the “****ting in its pants” Sunseeker down the middle. Once
the boats got onto a groove and learned where the turn pillows were located
things got better quickly.

In P – 5 our crash test dummies were back out on the racecourse in a new
boat that was still a little too new to race and barely made the start line
before a hose let go. Bruce and Gary will be back with a vengeance soon
enough. Xtreme Air was flying high until their engine called it a day long
before the end of the race. This left Club Egan Racing and Carrabbas - Team
Blythe to race to the finish. Club Egan’s twin engine Donzi proved to have
definite advantage over Carrabbas single engine 28 Pantera in today’s race.

1st Club Egan Racing
2nd Carrabbas – Team Blythe
3rd Xtreme Air
4th Simply Awesome

In P – 4 “The Delicate Sound of Thunder” swapped the lead with “Panther” at
least three times before the final winner was established. These guys put on
a great show, as they were never more that a 100 yards apart.

1st The Delicate Sound of Thunder
2nd Panther

After the first lap, the leaders from the second start were the P3 boat
“Wazzup” and the mighty little F1 boat, “Typhoon” who were tearing up the
racecourse. Wazzup was out in front but skipping like a stone on a pond
behind him was “Typhoon”, followed closely by “Gecko Tequila” and
“SuperBoat”. “Team Progression” seemed to be way off the pace today. The F1
boats are so closely matched and their crews so nuts that they never were
more that a few seconds apart. Dry Martini, the other P3 boat, rounded out
the leaders from the second start. At the finish line is was Wazzup over Dry

1st Wazzup
2nd Dry Martini

P – 2 class saw Frank Kerbeck bringing the old 41 Apache Island Runner out
of retirement for another time around the turn buoys. It seemed like they
needed a lap or two to get her up to speed again and by that time the other
P4 boat, “Relentless” was gone and never to be seen again.

1st Relentless
2nd Island Runner

Even though Gecko looked like they were running harder and SuperBoat wanted
it more, they could just never catch up to Typhoon. Once again, the dog
pound boys drove it like they stole it and stole the show in F1.

1st Typhoon
2nd Gecko Tequila
3rd SuperBoat
4th Team Progression

Moving up to the boats from the first start, in F2 we had several boats that
have never been to NJ before. Invensys Fountain was hanging with the Super
Vs for a while. This boat was screaming around the track with the Rio
Roses/Fountain, Miccosukee Indian Gaming and Lynch Mob in pursuit.
Miccosukee Indian Gaming was the first to have something let go in the
second lap. Lynch Mob brought out a brand new 39 quad stepped Kryptonite
hull that was stunning and proved to be competitive on the racecourse…until
a rocker arm broke and ended it’s run for glory. The two Fountains ran hard
the entire race, but only one can win.

1st Invensys Fountain
2nd Rio Roses/Fountain
3rd Lynch Mob
4th Miccosukee Indian Gaming, and Zipp Express took the green flag, all
having something to prove. Zipp Express recently set a kilo record at
113.495 mph. However, in this race he ran a little too hard and hurt the
boat to the point he had to call it a day. thought he was on
a NASCAR track. Using the old saying, “If ya ain’t rubbin then ya ain’t
racin” got together with the brand new Superboat Brioski Racing. Just like
in NASCAR, they rubbed and both raced to the end. held till
the end but was just too much for them today.

Superboat Limited
3rd Zipp Express
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Default continued

Ya gotta love Super Vs. Big, bad, loud, V bottoms. The Muscle, Firewater and
Instigator are three fierce competitors from the moment the green flag goes
up. Muscle had the overall lead on the first lap, with the other two right
behind. By the second lap, it was Instigator and Muscle side by side with
Firewater right behind. Firewater seemed to loose power as the laps wore on
and Instigator just got stronger. Even too much for The Muscle to handle
today. In fact, Instigator was too much for anyone to handle today as they
won overall as well.

Super Boat V
1st Instigator
2nd Muscle
3rd Firewater

In Superboat it was the 43’ CUV, Bandit pitted against the new 40’ Motion,
Brioski Racing. Bandit took the early lead and Brioski was still getting
used to the new boat. It took them two laps to get it wound up and flying.
Bandit lost an engine after 10 laps and Brioski took the checked flag, but
he still couldn’t catch “Smoking Joe” Sgro and Peter Meyer in their super
fast Skater built Fountain V hull.

Superboat Cat
1st Brioski Racing
2nd Bandit

At the awards presentation this evening, another display of just how close
this racing family is came to light. Most of the winning teams donated their
winnings to a memorial to be established in Mando Parra’s name. It’s not
about the money for these guys. It’s about something deeper. A love for the
sport and those who participate in it.

As I’m writing this letter with the TV on in the background, it is really
great to see Jet Set blowing flames on the TV screen. He was the opening
shot for the coverage of the race. Augie Penza and Ernie Tretola gave
interviews with Wazzup and Instigator racing in the background. This was on
the NJ Channel 12 news this evening.

In addition to the local news team, we also had several professional
photographers stationed around the racecourse. Nothing is up on the web
sites as of now but I’d hope to see something by Monday night. Photographers
will tell you that NJ generally offers the best photos because of the rough
water. This was a fairly calm race so lets see what images they have
captured. Jim O’Connor has been covering our races this
past year and has done a great job. You can see his work on the cover page
for Photos from other races are on Jim’s site now. Ike and Erica Levine have been long time friends
of our club and have a knack of getting great air shots. You can see
pictures of some of our past rough water races under the power boating link. See the Coors Girls at the
Awards with today’s winners. Jennifer Quinn might have even gotten
a shot of the boats headed toward the stern of the SunSeeker before she hit
the deck.

Since I didn’t have a chance to take any photos, if you have a digital
image, please feel free to email me one or two of your best shots for the web site.

Can you believe that summer is almost over and another safe racing season at
the Jersey Shore is in the history books. I had fun at the races this
summer, I hope you did too. The next SBI/OPA race is in NYC harbor on Sunday
September 8th. I’m told this race will be broadcast live on OLN network as
part of the 9/11 ceremonies.

To all our land and water volunteers that come out year after year to make
this the safest offshore powerboat racecourse in the world, I thank you.

To the medics and divers that give of their time so graciously to look after
the racers, I thank you for dedicating your life to helping others.

To our sponsors that provide the funds and services that make these races
possible, I thank you and hope you get more in return than you give.

To the United States Coast Guard and NJ State Police, Marine Division, I
especially want to thank you for putting up with our need for speed.

To the men and especially women that work so hard all year long to organize
these events, I’ll see you at the next meeting; next season starts in just
10 months.

To the racers, I salute you for your courage and fortitude.

To Mando, I pray for you to rest in piece.

See ya at the races.

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Hell, I was there and I don't even know. Ron you had me working to hard Were was all the other sweep boats? Boy, I come all the way from Fla. and you give me the inlet and spectator area Thanks for everything I had a GREAT time Wow I can not believe how many boats couldn't find the the 3rd turn pillow Hopefully I will be back in Fla soon were you can see more then 1 mile in the ocean. Wow was it hazy or what? Call me and tell me were you want me to send this flag back to. I think I got some good pictures of Jet Set for you. Is that how you guys get the water warm enough to swim in? You run Jet Set up and down the beach a few times Thanks for everything Pete
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Enjoy the show
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Pete is was great to have you with us for a few days. Hope yuou had a great time. Please keep the flag as a momento of the trip.

Photos? Email the good ones to me.

Some great shots are posted at

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Photos, you mean the ones of the boats or the ones of the girl that the Wazzup guys took down the parade. I hope they didn't harm her, I never did see her again
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I want to thank you and the New Jersey Offshore Powerboat Racing Association for putting on one of the better races we have seen here in along time. Great job!!!

Digital Photography & Video one BYTE at a time !
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I was on the Sunseeker .I just got the **** out of my paints.

Mike Merola
2014 OPA-APBA National Champion Class 7 .Hauling Trash 725.
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