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What's next, requirement to wear a head cam to track your every movement.

Or how about speed limiters in cars that are triggered by electronic speed limit signs.

I mean come on, we have the technology, why stop at the computer police.

BTW, I wonder if the law applies to those of us that build our own computers.
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Default Here is my attorney's take on this...

My wife deals with this crap all the time being an attorney for a big internet backbone

I'm afraid so. And you like how the name they put on it makes it sound like
its a pro consumer bill? Its basically written by Disney's lawyers so that
no electronic equipment (or interactive equipment) can be sold without
technology that they deem necessary to protect their copyrights.
Electronics manufacturers would have no say in what the standard is but
would be legally obligated to install it; ISPs to change their systems to
make it compatible and consumers to pay for it-all to benefit the content
You know why they had to rename it? Immediately after 9/11 when congress
was considering the Patriot Act and other security bills, Disney's lawyers
paid beaucoup bucks to Hollings to introduce this bill under the guise of
"security", i.e. in addition to the people and infrastructure of the country
that needed protection, their profits also needed protection. If that
totally offends you, you're not alone and the bill went no where and Disney
was laughed out of town. Now they've taken the same exact language, put a
new name on it that attempts to deceive people into thinking its a pro
consumer, pro technology bill.
Everytime people go to a disney movie or buy a video, this is what they're
paying for and there is a massive inflow of cash into congress to push for
passage, so don't under estimate its influence.
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THIS IS WHAT CONSERVATIVES REFER TO AS BIG GOVERNMENT!!!!!! (No matter whether a rep. or dem. is running the show) This is scary, and it is only going to progress unless we take a stand as a people. Geeezzz, what's next, hp500efi, I also see little difference.
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98912- I have signed this even tho I do not use these file- sharing programs. Users of MS Windows Media Player should also be aware that the latest upgrade/patch also contains similar language in the EULA, giving MS the right to cut you off if they decide at some point you are violating someone else's copyright.
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Default Why resist change in the industry.

Two things came out of the Napster Era. Big music labels got a well deserved swift kick in the rear and small time bands got a chance to compete with the big guys using the only weapon that matters: talent!.

I used Napster until my mouse didn't work anymore and some of the best bands that I discovered were nobodies. In fact, one of my all time favorited unknowns turned out to live a few miles from my house. Small world!

My point is that there has been a change in the way that music is distributed. Instead of making a big fuss about it think about this. Who 'steals' the music? The fans! When napster shut down whose interests were being served? The musicians! Too bad. Every industry in the developed world has experienced some form of consolidation or revolution in the last few years. Time to straighten out the music industry I say. After all, if the money disappears, who will still be producing records? The people who love music, not money. That's who I want to hear.
Besides, do you think that Britney Spears won't be on the Pepsi commercials if people steal the music instead of buying it? I doubt that it will be a problem until you can steal pepsi over the internet.
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[b]M Go Blue.......Gator boots, gator luggage, gator purses... all at cut rate deals!!!!
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# 99079

Next, rid ourselves of the clowns marching on Washington, looking for the gov. to give them more bananas!

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