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My sincerest gratitude....

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Default My sincerest gratitude....

My problems seem small to that of AudacityChickís. My sincerest condolences regarding the drowning death of your father. I said a prayer for you.

I would like to thank everyone for their warm wishes, thoughts and actions especially Puder, DanL and Shockwave.

Indeed, the situation could have turned very ugly. I believe the police have the cell phone number of the guy. If so, I am sure they are keeping an eye on him. (Visit a child porn site and see how quickly the cops show up at your door.)

I brought the entire situation down upon myself, and I apologize profusely for the chaos I created. I freaked out and had a complete nervous breakdown after the near miss at the race, and I self-medicated with an enormous amount of alcohol (three times the legal limit, so I was told). I was alone, and I was scared. I was having flashbacks of the incident. I must have called at least ten people including Will Smith down in Florida and my ex-husband. No one was around.

It started out kinda as a joke with me asking anyone who had a blender to come over and drink with me. I was drinking undiluted mudslides by the pint - one for each race boat in the first start.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am the high strung nervous type that you donít want around in an emergency. Add the tremendous amount of stress I have been under this past year, and you have the perfect storm.

I thought life was going to be a bed of roses after I left my husband. I was wrong. This is the first time in my life I have been on my own, and it has been a real learning curve. It has not been easy at all.

Iím being treated for anxiety and depression from which I have been suffering for a long time. I have an appointment at Columbia/Cornell University hospitals ( tomorrow thanks to a big client with big connections, and I might not be coming home for a while. Hopefully, that wonít be the case, but I was told to put my affairs in order. As such, I do not have time to individually respond to all the people who posted and sent e-mails many of whom have eluded to similar problems regarding anxiety and depression. Thank you for sharing your stories. I donít feel so alone.

Puder will be taking over my business, maybe permanently (my choice). Heís meeting with some of my clients right now as I type. Iím not sure of anything anymore. My sister Gloria will be opening my e-mails and keeping me up to speed with things.

Did you ever want to crawl under a rock and die? Well, thatís what I feel like right now.

I appreciate all the kind thoughts.

All my love and best regards,
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Keep your head up and your heart right, and all will be well. You're in our thoughts and prayers!

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good luck

Mike merola
2014 OPA-APBA National Champion Class 7 .Hauling Trash 725.
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Our hearts and prayers go out to you, Jen.

Get well soon !!
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Jen, just be sure to take care of yourself. It sounds like you are.

I'm just glad you are back and hope that soon you'll be back for good. You know you've got our prayers.

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Do whats right for your self, get well soon.

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Jen -- You have nothing to apologize for. Being on your own may be tough right now, but it can be very fulfilling. Don't crawl under the rock, climb it!

You'll be fine.
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Jen, NO ROCKS, you don't need to hide from your friends....... so glad to see you post and feeling a little better. You have ALWAYS had good and inspirational things to say , and a helpfull hand to everyone on this board. This will pass and you WILL be a stronger Lady for it. Best wishes on your sabbatical. Looking forward to your return. Bill & Julie Jolley

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Default Jen

Please dont crawl under the rock and go away. We need women in boating. other wise it would just be a sausage fest but most of all we hope you will be OK Charlie
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Dont let it get the best of you!!!
Your better than that, you can climb this hill just like the rest of us.
everyone gets down points in their life believe me I know.
I have used those down points and bad experiences and learned from them. You have to try to make this work for you. Turn it into something totally positive if you can.
Time heals all wounds is a true statement but each wound can hurt worse than the next. This is just a bump in the road of life and with all of us here pulling for you, you will be just fine.
We are all here for ya and want you to pull through this.
If ever you need anything from anybody, im sure there would be a line around the block of people waiting to help you.
If you need anything or just want to talk, email any one of us, we are all here to help
[email protected]

Anyone else want to join the email list for our friend here?


PS feel better soon
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