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OT: Buddy can you spare a dime scam (long)

Old 08-27-2002, 07:25 AM
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Default OT: Buddy can you spare a dime scam (long)

I'm just spreading the word on this scam.

I had this happen to me yesterday. I was coming out of a Best Buy near my house. I had to buy a new phone because the old one wore out, but thats a different story.

I was about half way out to my truck, when a guy is shouting "sir, sir" behind me. I thought I forgot my wallet or change or someting. This guy comes up to me and says he's having car problems. But the first thing that set me off is that he is standing right next to me, and I mean on top of me. They do this so that you feel uneasy and you don't think so much about what he is saying.

But he went on about how he was traveling to a job, and he car got a flat on the expressway. He had alot of expensive equipment in his car. The tow truck driver had his tire but he didn't have any cash. His ATM card and credit card didnt work because his bank wasn't around there. Noone would cash his personal check. But standing right behind me was a grocery store that would take a check, as they all do, and give change for a check written for over the amount, like they all do.

Thats when I stopped him, because I knew what was coming. He was going to ask for cash. I told him I knew the scam, and I wasn't falling for it. He got really pissed off and confrontational. I told him his story sounds like a common scam, and I was sorry for accusing him if his story was true. I told him that the grocery store would give change for a check. He just turned and walked away.

I got in my truck and pulled away and stopped out aways, and watched him. Sure enough he went up to another guy with a kid. Same posture, closeness, and sure enough out came the guys wallet.

I called the cops but they didn't get there in time. He was walking through the parking lot looking for other people but gave up there and when over to a couple resturants but it was early so there weren't any people coming or going. Then he hopped on a bus and took off. Seems my instincts were right.

What really set off my radar on this guy was his positioning to me. He stood on my left side, next to me. I was out in the middle of the parking lot with nothing or noone around me. It was to make me feel unconfortable. Because he was so close, if I had to swing at him for a reason, I would have to come across my body with my right to get to him and it wouldn't be too effective. But I'm left handed so he would have gotten a key in the back of the skull instead.

If anyone ever comes up to you for a reason such as this be very aware of their hands and posture. Offer to call the police for them so they can get a ride. That will probably make them back off. But if you feel threatened with harm then give them what they want. Its only money. I didn't feel threatened by this guy because I was about 3 inches taller and 35 lbs heavier. But I had the advantage, I knew what was going on, and I was watching him. He would have gotten a long Ford key stuck under the back of his skull if he pulled out a weapon. It may not be the smartest thing to do, but I was already committed.

Be careful and spread the word on this scam.
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What really pisses me off about all this, is if this pecker head had this much imagination and balls to come up to me and try and pull this. Think how successful he would be in a real job such as sales or advertising. Instead I'm probably already supporting him, his girlfriend, and her 25 kids from 20 different fathers, and at the same time they're hitting me up for more. [email protected] that!!! I probably should have just pounded the little ****. But then with my luck he really would have been legit. And I would have made the evening news.
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I've had it happen twice.
First time I just said "sorry" then turned and walked away.
Second time it was a woman carrying a small child. I couldn't say no to that. I gave her a couple of bucks and sent her on her way.

The big scam here is to stand at an intersection with a bucket posing like you're collecting for a charity or church.
I've even seen bums with the sign "will work for food" being picked up by a van and watched as he dumped his "take" into a can then the van stoped at the next intersection to pick up another "bum" and he did the same thing.
Can't trust anyone.
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Around here if you go to a gas station you'll be standin at the pump and some guy will walk up, point at his crappy ass car in the corner (with his wife and sometimes kid inside), and give you a sob story about how he's trying to get somewhere, and can you spare some change for gas.

It works for people that don't live in the area and only go there once... but when you go get gas and the same guy is there with the same story week after week, you know better.
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He was nice enough when he came up to me, but the way he positioned himself was really confrontational. Thats what set off the bells. If he would have stayed back alittle I may have given him a buck for originallity. But this dude was an operator. My wife and I give a ton of stuff to Salvation Army, and I have a payroll deduction for the United Way. But if you put me on the defensive asking for money you'll get squat.

I was at a Red Wings game last year. On the way out after the game there were two guys positioned at the intersection of a couple tunnels for the parking structures. These guys were just asking for change with a ball cap. No problem I gave them a couple quarters. But I looked down and behind thier legs were 5 gallon buckets half full with change and bills. I have a small peanut barrel at home with about 300 bucks in change. These guys must have had at least 500 each. It would have fun to watch them carry the buckets though. There is good money in pan handling. Hmmmm. I do need a new head unit for the boat.
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Good one, Troutly!
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A few years ago one of the local TV news stations sent a reporter out to follow some of these guys around. I remember one panhandler in particular who walked away from his "spot" at the intersection and got into a brand new Explorer Eddie Bauer and drove away. The next day he was back at the same spot with his sign that said "Laid off - kid sick, need money" or whatever. He wasn't too happy when the reporter confronted him on camera!
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