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BUDWEISER bends over CALLAN MARINE, Buys cover of Powerboat

Old 08-27-2002, 02:45 PM
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I too agree that it would be a legit "Top Gun" if they would have entered as a competitor when they showed up. Not after making 3 or 4 demo runs with the last demo run showing that the rule change was in their favor! Having a bud product on the cover of power boat will probably help there sales. If they put Callan on the cover that would only help out that company. If I understand correctly Callan is a smaller company that is starting to produce pleasure sport crusers(please correct me if I am wrong). So Auggie tossed out the money to make sure his product was on the cover instead of lettin it be and a smaller start up company..

BTW did Auggie have to pay the Lake Shoot Out group for the demo runs???? If not they should send him a bill for each demo run. Heck If I wanted to run 4 or 5 times I know it would not have been for free!!!
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I'm kind of mixed on this topic..... Sure, Top Gun should go to the overall fastest boat....BUT, I think it's a little unfair putting turbine powered boats against reciprocating internal combustion engine boats .... However, in the same breath,,,,,, it is unbelievable to see reciprocating internal combustion engine boats running right with these turbine powered monsters....(And, I do mean Callan Marine and Miss Budweiser)

I think it's a hell of a lot more 'cool' to see a boat which could be used as a true 'pleasure' boat run 165+ mph (and up to 188 in N.C. at Reggies Shootout) vs. a full out race hydroplane only going 192 mph!!!!!!! Now that is KICK ASS! Dave Scott should be very proud of his boat and it's accomplishments.

I'd vote for next year there being a split award in Top Gun - one for reciprocating internal combustion engine power and one for Turbine power....This way the race could still draw the big turbine powered boats too...and it would 'seem' a lot more fair.

Just my 0.02....
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283 Check,
You are correct in that Callan Marine is a Boat manufacter that is going to start producing the C-55 in a pleasure version.

All I can say is, IF Callan comes back next year, WATCH OUT! These guys are some of the most down to earth NICE guys you would ever meet, BUT, when they get jacked around.....
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Default Note

I had the pleasure of pulling out at the PB#2 ramp next to Dave Scott. We talked as we waited for our trailers. A real gentlemen who was happy to spend time with the fans. And the Bacardi boat - DANG!!!!
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Yes, turbines are monsters. Reciprocating internal combustion engines can also be monsters. The three basic variables to increase hp in a reciprocating engine include increasing the displacement (we're already seeing blocks over 700ci), increase air (add turbocharger or supercharger), and increase the energy of the fuel (add octane, NO2 or Nitromethane). In the case of Barcardi, they are running big displacement, a blower and probably 116 octane. The sum of these three variables could yield 1800hp. I think that qualifies as a monster. If it doesn't, then keep increasing the variables - a typical dragster (8.9L displacement) with a supercharger produces 6000+hp. I'd take the turbines reliability at these speeds on water of all the monsters. Turbines don't seize on failure like reciprocating engines do.

There should only be one Topgun just as there should be only one set of rules for both Sat. and Sunday.
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There should only be one Topgun just as there should be only one set of rules for both Sat. and Sunday.
That also begs the question, who requested the rule change and why was it made Sat. night and not Sat. before the start of the event?
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Having been at the shootout Saturday for the first time, I can also tell you that it WILL be the LAST time if they are going to operate this way!
I think that the guys with big egos and big pocketbooks have gotten WAY out of control!
Youknow, it's not like the shootout pays huge bucks to be the "Top Gun". So what is the motivation here? Plain and simple, jealousy, ego, and greed. Way to go boys, ya got three (counting ego as lust of a different sort) of the seven deadly already!
I guess on a more positive note, we can all look forward to the unlimited hydroplane races at LOTO next year
Bud guys and shootout guys (whoever they may be):
GET A LIFE!!!!!!

OBTW: Congrats to both Callan and David Scott. Very cool boats.

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Exclamation I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!

Originally posted by Mach1Shorty
It's not that Miss Bud didn't technically play by the rules, it's just that it looked like a cheap shot. Miss Bud usually shows up, but only for exhibition. If they had been upfront about running Miss Bud as an entry from the beginning that would have been different. They only decided to run Miss Bud when the Baccardi Silver boat (the local favorite also sponsered by Bud) got beat by Callan Marine.

Would Callan have hauled the two boats, crew, and staff up here knowing that Miss Bud was going to run for real? Maybe, but who knows. Will Callan come to it next year? Well I hope so but who could blame them if they don't bother to show up.

I just think a stunt like this is detrimental to the shootout drawing big out of state entries in the future.

Next thing you know, #8 will be running on the go-cart track cause Auggie's grandson got beat.
(What you see, is what you get!)
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Old 08-27-2002, 04:04 PM
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Perhaps it's time to invoke the power of OSO? Who's got an e-mail address for the Shootout organizers (not to mention the local papers and Powerboat magazine)?

I say we let them know exactly how we feel about what looks to be special accomodations made for Miss Bud...
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Default Just sent

a email to [email protected] with a link to this thread. Lets see if we get a response. That was to only email address on the shootout board.
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