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Silver Glen This Weekend

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It's like I said- They will rain on your parade if they can, take it with a grain of salt. My sister-in law is one of the DA's for the county. She has told me that they are flooded with BUI cases after this holiday weekend from the Glen. I agree, common sence goes along way- but don't think for a minute that the partrol will be slack. Have a great weekend where ever you go-

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I am so Damn tired of people whining abou the cops out there......if you're not an *******.......they are cool.......hell they even watch the Wet T shows.....they actually stop and make sure all is okay......

These guys make a lap abot every 45 minutes or so and there are few but they NEVER get out of their boats.....if you ain't flashin "HEY I"M DRINKINBEER" you;re not gonna get nabbed.....

All ya gotta do is keep your eyes open......I don't mind them at all....actually it's kinda good they are out there......keeps things in check with those that can't moderate themselves......

Plus when the sun goes down they are non existent......

Hell last year we were watchin two girls DIKE it out on the back of a Houseboat and they drove right by and laughed.......I'm surprised they didn't stop to watch.......
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never had any prob with them ....although there is no doubt they can be bothersome...but a little common sense goes a long way...I spent a week ther ein a houseboat and with my ski boat last laborday troubles....
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They really are not all that bad, Heck go there enough and you get to know them all by name.. I just try and stay out of the marion county side.... they seem to be the biggest uhhhh... jerks... yeah thats it. I spent last every holiday up there the last three years excluding this past 4th of july(in sarasota for the races) and have never gotten borded or looked at. We tried going outside the glenn for awhile but it just dosent seem to be the same. My girlfriend was one of the contestants in the contest.. came is second place... they did regulate it a little bit... said that they could not flash... but other than that left them alone....

Time to get more ready... no where did I put my beads?.. Hmmm
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