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Please help Major league Baseball players

Old 08-29-2002, 03:09 PM
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Default Please help Major league Baseball players


Since September 11, 2001, Americans have come together as never before in our generation. We have banded together to overcome tremendous adversity. We have weathered direct attacks on our own soil, wars overseas, corporate scandal, layoffs, unemployment, stock price plunges, droughts, fires, and a myriad of economic and physical disasters both great and small. But now, we must come together once again to overcome our greatest challenge yet.

Hundreds of Major League Baseball players in our very own nation are living at, just below, or in most cases far above the seven-figure salary level. And as if that weren't bad enough they could be deprived of their life giving pay for several months, possibly longer, as a result of the upcoming strike situation.

But you can help! For only $20,835 a month, about $694.50 a day (that's less than the cost of a large screen projection TV) you can help a MLB player remain economically viable during his time of need. This contribution by no means solves the problem as it barely covers the annual minimum salary, but it's a start, and every little bit will help! Although $700 may not seem like a lot of money to you, to a baseball player it could

mean the difference between spending the strike golfing in Florida or on a Mediterranean cruise. For you, $700 is nothing more than a month's rent, half a mortgage payment, or a month of medical insurance, but to a baseball player, $700 will partially replace his daily salary. Your commitment of less than $700 a day will enable a player to buy that home entertainment center, trade in the year-old Lexus for a new Ferrari, or enjoy a weekend in Rio.


Each month, you will receive a complete financial report on the player you sponsor. Detailed information about his stocks, bonds, 401(k), real estate, and other investment holdings will be mailed to your home. Plus, upon signing up for this program, you will receive an unsigned photo of the player lounging during the strike on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean (for a signed photo, please include an additional $150). Put the photo on your refrigerator to remind you of other peoples' suffering.


Your MLB player will be told that he has a SPECIAL FRIEND who just wants to help in a time of need. Although the player won't know your name, he will be able to make collect calls to your home via a special operator in case additional funds are needed for unforeseen expenses.


I would like to sponsor a striking MLB player. My preference is checked


[ ] Infielder

[ ] Outfielder

[ ] Starting Pitcher

[ ] Ace Pitcher

[ ] Middle Reliever

[ ] Entire team (Please call our 900 number to ask for the cost of a specific team

- $10 per minute)

[ ] Alex Rodriguez (Higher cost: $60,000 per day)

Please charge the account listed below $694.50 per day for the player for the duration of the strike.

[ ] Please send me a picture of the player I have sponsored, along with an Alex Rodriguez 2001 Income Statement and my very own Donald Fehr MLB Bobblehead.

Your Name: _______________________

Telephone Number:___________________

Account Number: ___________________


[ ] MasterCard

[ ] Visa

[ ] American Express

Alternate card (when the primary card exceeds its credit limit): Account Number: ___________________ Exp.Date:_______ [ ] MasterCard [ ] Visa [ ] American Express [ ] Discover

Signature: __________________________________________________ _______

Notary Public: __________________________________________________ ___

Mail completed form to MLB Players Union or call 1-900-F%*&-THE-FANS now to enroll by phone ($10 per minute).

Disclaimer: Sponsors are not permitted to contact the player they have sponsored, either in person or by other means including, but not limited to, telephone calls, letters, e-mail, or third parties. (Contributions are not tax-deductible
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Old 08-29-2002, 03:33 PM
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I certainly take advantage of free enterprise but people striking who average somewhere around 2 million a year? I really don't care if I never see another baseball game.
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Old 08-29-2002, 05:09 PM
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How much do the QWNERS really make
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My Company is looking for a few good (FETCH BOYS)
Oh, I'm sorry, you actually have to work
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I played the game all thru school.

F*CK baseball players. I hope they strike and I hope that all of the dumbass fans that continue to support them STOP attending games. Maybe then they will realize what having fans means....
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Talking MLB

BR... I feel your pain!!!LOL ...I'll be at the big 'P'with "jack" and my little bro' Sunday or Monday.

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Angry Never again

I, as many others am a long time baseball fan. If MLB decides to strike again I will NEVER attend another game as long as I can still breathe. My personal opinion.....The salaries have outgrown the economy by leaps and bounds, almost to the point where the "average family" cannot afford to go. I have a hard time understanding how anyone believes they are worth that much money, especially when our economy is in serious trouble.Once again It's all about the money which inevitably will destroy us. Sorry for the negativity but our country is in deep **** and they want to fight ove millions/billions of dollars. All my respect just went out the phkn window. Just needed to vent.Opinion/.02$
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E-man- with ya bro'
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Enjoy the show
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Screw em. Bring up the minor league teams.
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eman - I hope you hold to that, and I wish every baseall fan would do the same. Unfortunately, they won't.
I hate baseball with a passion, so it's not an issue with me. If the game was never played again, I wouldn't notice. My big gripe is people who complain, then when the strike ends, go back to buying tickets. Who do they think is paying the salraies of these crybabies?
It sure as hell isn't me.
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