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Bankruptcy Attorney

Old 08-30-2002, 02:30 PM
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In most jurisdictions, property (both physical property and $$) that you inherit, are gifted, or brought into the marraige remain yours. If, however, you comingle these assets with hers, then you open the door to claims from her. If you can trace the source of funds for certain investments - i.e. you have a check written from your personal account - then you should keep the property in a divorce proceeding. All of this goes out the window if you title property jointly as most courts will deem joint titling a gift from you to her. Ain't that sweet.

If you are afraid of a prenup, then consider an inter vivos trust.
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hey guys,goin thru it right now.....trouble is on her part,she has filed numerous false police and DV cases,and i mean numerous....for thousands all of them got dissmissed and dropped by the SA's her parents are funding what might have been a seriuos problem,problem is ,in all the hearings my lawyer had her admit that all was bougus,now my attorney has common knowledge of these events,and by chance last year I filed for divorce,but never prosecuted what i didnt know that her dumb arss attorney told mine,that becuase this is still sitting there,one, she cant file...two, it protects my investment houses and makes me soul owner....three,if she doesnt back off and do what I want were going to go to the SA's office and giving this info to them,and pester them till an arrest is have to burn up mommys money in her defense against the state instead of [email protected]#$$%ing with me....that was at lunch,well see what happens next......good luck!and like I was told, BE PREPARED

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luckily mine was spayed and declawed when i met her, we try to keep emotions and fianances seperate and treat the financial end of marrage like a business, we have a spread shehet and budget on all monthly bills, etc

the bottom lie is it's hard to find a female who doesn't have that pycho ***** side to her

I don't think i would ever marry again if this one doesn't go the distance

I don't know a good reason to marry except to raise a family in the first place

Being in love isn't a good reason to marry, just a good reason to see each other (till you discover what a pycho ***** she really is)

All I can say is get a good attorney and show how she had melicious intent on planning and exicuting the whole thing

Nothing f_cks up your head and life like a divorce

Just remember it will pass with time and you can apply whats learned today to the future, your life isn't over but shure is F_cked up for the time being, I wish you luck

Get THE nastiest SOB attorney you can find, maybe a female attroney would look good in court to have a female go after her

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guys....i feel your pain. which is exactly why i stay single

hang in there ...better days are coming.
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Way too late for the nasty attorney. I had a paid consult with one of the best in the business out here (recommended by BCC). After paying the POS for an hour and a half of his time, and discussing every intimate detail of my pending divorce, I decide to retain him. I just had to work some extra overtime to save up the retainer fee. In the mean time, my ex goes behind my back and retains the POS!!! To make it worse, the a$$hole took her as a client. No he's sticking all the info I talked to him about so far up mine it's not even funny.

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I think that would be conflict of interest especially after you paid for a consultation. If it is not illegal it is unethical and I would contact the bar association.
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Lucky it is not Florida we have what is known as the No Fault Divorce! I heard this story from my Attorney while I was in divorce proceedings myself.

There was this guy He Had a Good job, Nice Home on the right Street and a couple Kids,
Anyway he comes home one day and his dearly beloved informs him out of the Blue NOW she wants a Divorce!

See she has made her plans over the Preceding months for her new life; the only thing left to do is inform her Husband .Now he gets mad and the yelling starts.

She to prearranged plan calls the Police! Remember this guy just had this Laid on Him!!
Police come take him away; and the Poor guy gets a Restraining order on him.

And if that is not enough Now to get anything of his from his former Home (that he Paid for )there must be a list submitted to his Attorney that is passed to her Attorney and maybe he gets his personal property! He does not go near the House !

He will pay Child/Spouse Support and Pay for the Home until the Kids are 18 or out of Collage, Her Car while now having the added expense of another place to live in Himself!

Gotta watch that one sleeping next to you She can be your worst enemy ever!
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I don't know how these women can live with themselve's!!!! I'd much rather walk away with nothing, than have anyone say " I took them for anything!!!"
YOU CAN ALL QUOTE ME...."I will never take ANYTHING that doesn't belong to me.....all's I want is my dignity!!!"
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You NEVER REALLY KNOW a women until you meet her in COURT!!
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Originally posted by Blueman
I think that would be conflict of interest especially after you paid for a consultation. If it is not illegal it is unethical and I would contact the bar association.

Blueman is right HE cant do that!
you better have a cancelled check from the consult and a receipt
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