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Velocity 320

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Tejas Raz
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I think Magicfloat is meaning that as a "driver's boat" it is a very responsive hull. My Checkmate is the same way. It responds to the slightest change in trim, likes to run light and loose... similar pad bottom. That doesn't mean a chinewalker or bad acting boat at all, cause mine runs straight. But it will react to any change in water conditions. It takes a little time to learn just how to run. And in the mean time, when you are trying to hang it all out for max speed... yo gonna sh*t your pants a few times when she takes to the air and you weren't expecting it. (Don't talk to my wife about that one!) Of course, once you learn that the thumb STAYS on the trim button (hell, with my 22'er my thumb dances on the trim) you might never want to go back to a regular point and shoot boat!!! She's a hell of a lot of fun.

Did I get that right Magicfloat?

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The 320 will not be a handful with the 330s in it. The velocity doesn't need a lot of trim to get it to run. With a set of labbed B1s that have been worked you can run just over neutral and the boat will fly. My 41 with hydros has to be trimmed to the moon, but with a set of Labbed B1s that have been worked further, with them spinning in, just above neutral is all she needs. One thing I would definately do with a 320 is to put the 30" tabs on the boat. In any kind of slop you'll want the longer tabs.
Velocity is a drivers boat, you'll get the feel of how to keep the boat running on the pad, if you don't you'll never realize the full potential of the boat. But again with the 330s it's pretty much a sit back and let her fly kind of boat.
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my 260 use to chime walk and scare me a little bit my first couple years driving. I would not go faster than 60. Then you get used to it . I only have the 7.4mpi also now I drive it to top speed and back all the time. I had perfect conditions this weekend on a inland lake 6"-1ft chop(1/2tankgas) hit 68(65gps?) on the speedo. One down side of my boat is in rough water it slaps very hard.
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I have a 320 and yes 74MPH is a reasonable top speed for the boat with the twin 330's. The 320 is a driver's boat meaning that you need to pay attention to changing conditions. The boat is sensitive to tab and you'll need to make adjustments as needed. Trim is pretty much point and shoot since the boat has a lot of natural lift.

The boat handles the rough water on par with similar size boats and you won't see any chine activities with the 330's unless it's way over trimmed. Provided you pay attention, the boat actually is better behaved at speed then many other fast 32's. You just need to allow yourself time to learn how to drive it and you'll be rewarded.
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Thanks to everyone for the info. As I said in my initial post, we are just starting the process of looking to move up. I'm just not sure if I want to get a 28 footer with 500hp+ or move to twins. I do know that I don't want to have to buy a new truck to tow a big monster (I have a 4x4 4door Tahoe now). I'm going to go look at this Velocity first, who knows I could fall in love with it! but then again, it coud have a red velvet interior like the one on their website My wife likes the idea of enclosed heads and cabin headroom.

Thanks again, Craig and Nancy
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