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Troutly you will like this one

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Troutly you will like this one


Old 09-10-2002, 01:31 PM
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Talking Troutly you will like this one

I was towing my boat down to NY the other evening (around 10:00pm) to hook up with the group and head in to watch the races. Well I see a trooper on the side of the road and he pulls out after I go past. Great I am thinking I am busted now (I was traveling the spead limit but I had just entered a work zone so tecnically speeding). Well it turns out cool the guy was just pulling out. Then a guy in a volvo blows past and goes up this other dudes back side and the officer pulls in behind the Volvo. Well the guy in the Volvo starts to "break test the cop". I was laughing my ass off because I knew the guy in the Volvo had no idea it was a cop. Well you can only imagine the rest. I was just wondering what the dude in the Volvo was going to say to the officer. "Man you can not really think I am that stupid"
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Old 09-11-2002, 06:20 AM
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what's with some of these idiots?

I've always driven faster than I "should", but I (don't think) I have ever:

1) intentionally forced somebody else to modify their driving speed, direction, etc. to accomodate MY intentions (left lane hogs under the limit excepted).

2) brake-checked somebody who was closer than I wanted (I HAVE tapped brake LIGHTS but not actually engaged the brakes like I see others do).

3) shot anybody doing #1 or #2 above (although I'd like to daily).

I've been in big hurries and have run WAY faster than prudent to get somewhere. Look far ahead, signal my intentions, choose a lane change that will NOT require other motorists to do anything any different (but some inattentive ones may swerve or honk, etc). I don't get tickets anymore cause I'm not in a hurry so much anymore. Never had an accident/incident, MY fault OR OTHERWISE, while in a hurry (was involved in a double fatality where a car launched out of a median and LANDED on my car on a highway where I had nowhere to go - they landed on the car beside me, too).

I guess what I'm getting at is an ATTITUDE that more and more A#holes have in their cars these days. If I have ever accidentally cut or squeezed somebody in traffic, I've always tried to apologize. I watched a guy cut off 3 cars as he slashed across traffic, hang a bird out the window at them, throw his Big Gulp out the window at the last car when they honked. He was going 20-30 faster than the traffic also exiting a freeway to a county highway, but cut RIGHT across their noses. All the cars swerved, but the 3rd one WOULD have made true contact had he not swerved (the other 2 swerved cause they were startled). He was then caught at the redlight just in front of the cars he cut off - which he should have known was coming up cause he had local tags and a local junior college parking sticker. I was turning right from the highway and rolled my window down so I could ask him if it was worth all that to get 60 feet ahead of those he cut off. He cussed and called me everything that makes you mad and threw a McDonalds burger box at me (it opened and fell short, just outside his door). I reacted unprofessionally as well, but he did not accept my offer to "pull the f%k over and leap his p&ssy @ss out of that turdwagon so I could beat some sense into him". Glad he didn't - I didn't need to drop to his level (ain't it funny how you can go from calm to fight when some @hole gets under your skin just right?).. It's like it was those OTHER driver's fault he was late and also their fault that they MADE him cut them all off.

What is with society these days??
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