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O/T PETA is being investigated

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Take note of the web link.....FOX NEWS. I HIGHly doubt that CNN or MSNBC or any of the other liberal left media types (yes, that includes the folks at abc nightly news, cbs and the such) are reporting on this. If they are, it is not by discovery, rather to keep up with the Jones'. If this had been a group of so called SUV driving domestic terrorist gun owners, or powerboaters, out recklessly and violently destroying property and then CLAIMING such acts, the NEW YORK TIMES would have a front page article and the home addresses to such invaders in these unfortunate days of terroistic uncertainties. Because this is a bleeding heart leftist group (who --how ironic-- admits to preconcieved and intentional destruction) the media will steer clear as not to endanger the efforts of their general purpose.

So let me get this straight, this ELF group is boasting publically and taking credit for such terroristic behavior and activity????? Am I missing something here???? This whole nation is nuts!!!!!

IIIIITTTT'S AAAAAAAA CRIIIIIIIIME!!!!!!! Geeeezzz, I swear I will never understand the lack of outrage to this sort of criminal undertaking. It just absolutely baffles the reasonalbe among us. Keep up the fight Dean......Allan4
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Does this really surprise anyone? You know, the liberal left hate's most Americans more than the terrorists do. And, to PETA and people like them it is permissible to commit acts of violence against those with whom they disagree but not permissable for those same people to commit acts against them. Remember, PETA is a group that has thrown its support behind legislation criminalizing the harassment techniques used by anti-aborthionists while at the same time PETA was endorsing the use practices against tree harvesting that resulted in the maiming and death of a number of loggers. Now, we find out they support ELF. That seems about right.

I gotta go. There is a cow outside begging to become a filet mignon for my dinner tonight!
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Fox News all the way baby!!!
The media in the USA is SOOOO liberal, it drives me crazy! That's why we watch FOX, they report the story, and they let you decide what's right or wrong!
PETA, ELF, Sierra Club, $MC, etc. are all marching to an agenda that totally disregards HUMANS!
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