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Plenty of pretzels and beer, drank a 6 reading this thread!

Good info though for a rookie like me on the rules. Still learning etc..
Just started following factory racing this year when DONZI got involved in F2, only because I own one.

Off to the fridge!
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What's poporn, po-porn, pop corn, oh, i got it!
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Originally posted by GOFSTCAT

if your not registerd,and not testing on the course,and not using the crane,how can u break the rules??
also the officals told me on fri "we were on our own,private operater,using our boat untill we regesterd"not subject to sbi
rules reguarding testing or operation as i see it
That sounds like the same rule I remember.
Actually, the fact that somebody was caught cheating in an SBI race surprises the hell out of me. Not that somebody actually cheated, but that somebody actually got caught.
I too have heard some of the inside scoop, but I'm not going to add to the hearsay.
I find it funny that those who will look for any chance to bag on APBA and all of their "rules" now seem to be trying to defend SBI with a It's not cheating, it's just a misunderstanding attitude? Did the "It's not cheating till you get caught" mentality backfire? Or, is it possible that some thought SBI had rules and would follow them, only to now find that that may not be the case? I sincerily feel bad for the other teams in this fiasco, (fastboats, Zipp and Lubejobs). The sad thing is, this situation is nothing new to SBI. People just seem to forget, (or blow off), the things that don't favor their preferred sanctioning body.
Bag on APBA all you want, but at least they had the testicular fortitude to stand up to king reggie and stand behind their "rules".

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Pass the popcorn please!
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Fast Fountain never did identify himself... Maybe he does have something to hide? I thought cheating was allowed in SBI, isn't that why the are not racing in APBA?
.......RACERS FORUM>>>>>>
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you know most of us get to race because of our hard work and love of offshore!not because we are brats!!!!!!!!!!!! OSO you should not allow someone to bash people they do not know!!! who the heel are you to call any one brats you do not khow any one you are talking about personally. i do . we do this race thing for the reward of winning to sell or rig more boats. thats whats called making a living. ff dont worry about it,stay and keep on. i knew bb was cheating along time ago, everyone in our class said he was not,or did not believe he was at the time . well i guess i was correct. doug make things right and you can can become a real racer again. it might take awhile but if you stay legal you COULD earn some respect again. #42 you are a true pro. if they do not overturn the results you deserve it to win because of your professionalism. do the right thing doug stand up and take it like a man you got caught.. zipp , kiely, thought i was illegal i said check it out .. crate motors,sealed, still i said tear me down i have nothing to hide.
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Troutly, pass me some of that popcorn, buddy!! THis is getting better by the hour. If SBI is really being run like it is being portrayed here, then I would discount any "champion" from this sanctioning body. Lube, you should go to APBA and run with others with the class you have shown.

my .02
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