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Confession Time?


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After servicing the drive i took the boat out sea trial. Wife backem down. Fire motor up and everything looks/sounds good. Unhook the winch. Throw it in reverse and nothing. Give it a little gas...nothing. Start getting pissed and tell her to pull us back up. Get to the top of the ramp, she hops out and walks to the back of the boat and starts laughing...........forgot to unhook the transom straps.
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I put a GPS speedo in my 33 Outlaw took it out for a spin made a left hand turn and water poured out from behind the helm, didn't plug the hose.

Once on my 272 Baja 502 several years ago, first time out from winter storage, back it off the trailer gonna put it on my lift, idling away from the dock, opened the hatch and it looked like a sprinkler system, forgot to put the blue plugs in.
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Originally Posted by kreed View Post
1994 TOP GUN / 572's

Pulled the boat out of salt water on Sunday afternoon. Closed the water valves to flush engines on land, Boat sat until next Saturday. Planned a big day with 4 friends to take a 1.5 hour boat ride to a beach bar IE "hairdresser/stripper day"...this was a BIG DEAL...

Put the boat in water on a BEAUTIFUL SATURDAY MORNING....and forgot I closed the water valves the previous Sunday.....1/4 mile down river my temp gauges were pinned! Open the hatch and I could just hear everything crackling with heat! Steaming, melted hoses, ect......Got towed back and had 4 very disappointed friends.....Fukin dumb ass!!!!
Pretty much every day during my early 20's were those kind of days. By my late 20's I added nurses into the mix. And many of those days consisted of some of the dumbest things I've done, so that's my confession....

Boat wise- I couldn't get my Checkmate off the trailer on a shallow peastone ramp. I kept rocking the bow by hand trying to get it off the trailer. It finally went, I heard a lady scream, and I got smacked by the back bumper of my Explorer as it slid backward into the water. Jumped in to drive it out, boat is swinging one way and trailer is semi-floating the other way. Got everything in line, pulled up the ramp, and when I opened the back doors it looked like one of the old Starburst commercials. Like somebody busted an aquarium. Good times.

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New candidate, after the first mistake then they really stepped it up

3 injured in boat explosion after gas pumped into fishing rod holder

3 injured in boat explosion after gas pumped into fishing rod holder CW39 NewsFix
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