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New 500EFI whipple

Old 09-28-2002, 05:09 PM
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wow, I pictured it in my head, and then the pic ..........
hold on be right back..........
loaded, OK I fell better now.

Any one got a tissue????
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Heres a picture of a dual setup on a customers engine. And to answer questions, better than a procharger? We'll, I don't like to bad mouth anything, but in this day an age, a EFI Supercharged motor needs to be calibrated for the changes made, it's that simple. This is some of the facts of why this is true: when you run a motor at 100 degrees. 5-7lbs. of intercooled boost, and even change the factory injector sizes nearly 40%, then the calibration has to change (compared to 0-20" of vacuum, 160-180 degrees, inlet +10-25 above ambient). The entire engine dynamics are changed, VE, AE, all of it! The computer calibration has many multipliers, varibles, thresholds, etc. that may have not been programmed, extrapolated, or calibrated out and you would have no way of knowing unless you were inside the ECU. The more sophistacted the ECU, the more parameters that it's watching, the more varibles that can change, alter the program.

We don't like to get in wars, but if you just read there literature, you'll know that these screw compressors can't make power, pump hot air and are old technology Hey, they even compare a 22' cat to a 24' cat, different brands but similar motors and SC pakages, and heck, they were better, case closed!. Even better, they KNOW that the ignition is retarded on all systems. Amazing how, even though they have no software to look inside the program, they know, enough to print that the spark advance is retarded. Funny, facts are this, we run as much spark as stock, sometimes more, very rarely less, the screw compressor technology we use was designed in the past few years, screw compressors are commonly higher in efficiency (total AE), especially throughout the power ban, depending on efficiency, temps are the same, our intercoolers are designed by world leaders, Garrett and are made of a patented technology called cupronickel, the patent design is almost twice as efficient as standard aluminum radiators allowing for more compact designs and still offering as good or better cooling, a screw compressor, when fuel is injected in the rear, it causes a phase change from a liquid to gas form, just like older refrigirators (amazing, screw compressors have been used on refrigirators for years), this in turn actually cause ice, temps near freezing so in turn, you get twice the intercooling. If you've seen these things run, they actually have frost built on top after a long, long, long WOT run, yet by reading the propaganda, it should melt the paint! How can you compare two different boats from different manufactures?

I try not to let things bother me, but lies and deception really do, I take pride in what we do and when people publish, talk, etc. about incorrect facts just to sale something to somebody really bothers me. I see this all the time, but nobody else in the industry resorts to this level, Vortech, Paxton, Mooneyham, BDS, MagnaCharger, nobody. Sorry to vent. But I will ask this, if there so incredible, why has Mercedes selected the screw compressor to supcharge their latest vehicles and are changing their fleet over the next few years to all screw compressors? What about Mercury Racing, 1050SCI? Theres many more things to come as well, automotive and marine.

Thanks for your time,
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Dustin..outstanding tech info and support on your product.
thanks..we will talk to you in the spring when ready..
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Dustin what are the HP numbers when you whipple a 500EFI and are you shortning the life of the motor?What is the cost?
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Yep...that's the pic I was thinking about. Wow, that looks great. Dustin, I'll be calling soon.
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