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If I ran OSO I would make it so if someone with Fios, tested to have insane download speeds, in off hours, always signed in on this PC hardwired to the router could get the page to load in less then 30 seconds. Maybe if they didn't put a ad on everything in every conner would help. Remember those free message boards back in the day that used to do that? Remind you of someone?
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Originally Posted by LaughingCat
If I ran OSO, I'd immediately reactivate the feature for users to edit and delete their posts and threads.
Users can edit and delete posts for 72 hours. After that any user can contact a mod and request an edit or delete.
Its built into the VBulletin software and has been like this for over 5 years.
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Originally Posted by Griff
Thank You

I signed up for the job knowing pretty much what it entailed. For the most part though, it is SpeedGirl, Cash Bar and myself who Mod the site.
Most of the other Mods have become less and less active on the site over the past few years.
It would be nice to get some OSO shirts and promo stuff though the online store to wear at events and promote the site at the same time.
I forgot to mention Sydwayz as being one of main Mods who also helps keep OSO running smooth.
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That stinks. My laptop is even quick with it, and it's a cheapy from years ago with not much memory or processing power.
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Let me start by saying I agree with Phragle's comments. He is making a lot of sense.

Performance boating, or really any boating just for the sake of boating, belongs to a very small group of people. Sure, there are lots of fishermen, lots of watersports people, lots of folks who want to party on some pontoon boat, but in all of these instances the boat is just a tool to accomplish another, more primary, activity. We boat just to boat. The boat is front and center to our interests and passion. The motion is everything.

Since this is such a small population, perhaps just a few thousand throughout the USA, these forums are really the only way for most of us to share our experiences and interests with others who feel the same. Unless you live in one of a few very select regions you may be the only "boater" around. When we do take precious vacation and spend lots of money to get together for a poker run or some such activity it's wonderful. But for most of us that only happens once or twice a year.

So these forums become a way to celebrate our boating experiences, to solve problems we may be having with our equipment, and to discuss various upgrades to the object of our affection, the boat. It always comes back to the boat.

So forums like this need to facilitate this communication and the sharing of these experiences. They need to promote events, feature technical columns, showcase the few manufacturers that are still involved and generally promote the sport and facilitate communication between those involved.

Regardless of how well OSO is doing it now, I know the admins are looking for specific suggestions on how to do it better.
1 - I hate ads. Most seem to think that these sites should be free. Perhaps they are right. I would charge more and get rid of all non boating ads. I'm not here to sell my old PC.
2 - Promote the businesses that support this sport. Give them a separate page where they can showcase their products, run specials for members here, solicit new product desires and, in short, grow their business. They may love boating, but they are here to make a profit and that is not a bad thing for any of us. We need for our presence here to directly impact their bottom line. We need to be important to them.
3 - Pictures are wonderful. We are blessed to have several professional photographers post a lot on this site and generally cover our activities. We need a way to support them in this activity. Perhaps the "advertisement" they get is enough. In any event, this is the sort of advertisement we need and enjoy.
4 - Somehow we must encourage every member of this group to be constructive and supportive. I own a small Baja. Some people seem to consider that one step below having typhoid. We are all here together folks, lets enjoy each others experiences. Whether its a lost cause transom rebuild or someone producing a half million dollar cat or running to Key West, I like reading about it and want this site to fuel our passion. How we do this except by being nice is beyond me. No moderator or administrator will do that for us. Let's face it. OSO isn't a website, it is us, and ultimately it's what the members contribute that will make or break it.

There are many good ideas presented in this thread. Sorry for the long post but boating is important to me and all my boating friends are long distance, therefore this site is important to me.

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I would delete the form on the poor folks that crashed at lake Lanier.what have we learned.. Makes me not want to pay into OSO. No class people
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Thank you for all the feedback!

We will be looking at all of it and boiling it down to actionable items and reporting back to you with a poll asking which are the most important to you.


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