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OSO and its competitors?

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Old 10-03-2002, 10:59 AM
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Originally posted by 1Boatnut

RiverGirl,,,,,maybe you should find out for yourself...You see,that's what I do. I DON'T allow people to form MY opinion.
I do form my OWN opinions, my dear!!
That's SOOOOO funny that you said that!!!
If you only knew, If you only knew!!

and your comment about bad remarks towards OSO.... well, let me shine the sun in a direction so you can see the light... I have read many posts over there that have done nothing but put OSO down. And, guess what .....
I respond!

I have yet to see OSO's BG's put him down or better yet start a thread to put him down, and I know you never would see that.

People can choose to surf where ever they want.
but MY opinion is, OSO is and will be #1 offshore performance website....PERIOD!

this is the last comment I am going to make in regards to this subject!
It doesn nothing but put a bad taste in my mouth....... !!!!!!

Have a nice day!!

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Old 10-03-2002, 11:52 AM
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Read through this site from last night.......Wally, can you please pass the popcorn???!!!
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I was being polite by not calling....You may not want one of those incoheirent phone calls. There's a few people around here that get them though

Spit.........If it leaves a bad taste in your mouth

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Old 10-03-2002, 01:28 PM
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i must be living under a rock i dont know of the other website! have i missed something?


this is not a sarcastic remark.
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Candyman- Your not "Bad"! I started this thread just to see what people thought. I think my origanal statement was " Not to start a big BS session" or something to that effect. I was surprised I had not heard of the site and wondered who had, and what the background was. This doesn't mean you will be keeping me out of the loop in the future does it Candyman? I do laugh a little when I think of how this place will be about the middle of January. Now and then we all take the activity of boating which we are very fortunate to be able to do, far to serious. I consider it a true blessing to be able to enjoy time on the water with my friends and family. Anyone who knows me or has seen my photos knows I love to have fun on my boat. It is nice to be able to spend time during the day when I am not able to boat talking with others about all that it entails. I did like that other sites bikini area because quite simply, I'm a pervert, sorry. But we all need to just Chill a bit on one another, even me with my rant about that ticket, I was not giving Cops a fair shot. "Cant we all just get along?". I have learned allot from those on this site. I have even located the gentleman that built the speed demon I know own( he gave me a great prop tip). This site also helped me sell my old boat. Have fun and enjoy yourself, life is far to short to do it any other way! Midnight

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One last thing- What sticks out in my mind about this sight is its incredible support it shows when one of our own has had trouble. I think of this past June when Apache Kid's brother was killed. You guys were right there to show support. That was just awesome! Midnight
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CHILDREN,CHILDREN,CHILDREN>>>I can't believe I just spent/wasted 20 minutes reading all 4 pages of this bologna!!! OSO is a great site but it's CERTAINLY not the ONLY site I go to almost daily...(SCREAMANDFLY,HOTBOAT,IBOAT,LAKEMEAD1,BOAT XCHANGE,etc) Just a few that come to mind...All these other sites are "good" but for different reasons...I am now going to visit FASTBOATS just because I CAN, plus you guys got my curiosity piqued...There are a lot more BIGGER ISSUES to discuss than "MY SITES BETTER'n YOUR SITE, & IF YOU DON"T AGREE I'M GONNA TAKE MY LOLLIPOP HOME & POUT...BTW...Speaking of sticking together, what is LADYSUNSEEKER'S status??? I miss her "stuff"... Well... I think I'll go visit another site & see what other "manufactured drama" is out there...HAHAHA>>>>>LATAPOTATAS>>>>>>>
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Catman- You missed my comment, it was stepped with staggered 900's. Midnight (111.2 @ Lake X I was told)
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Come on people, no reason for you all to argue over some differences that OSO and Fastboats powers to be had.

Let's move on!!
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