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Default Rescue At Sea

I've been following these guy's vlog because they bought a Ural sidecar rig and were touring Europe and I've been riding sidecar rigs for years now.

Before they bought the sidecar they were sailing and had wanted to get back on the water. I've sailed quite a bit over the years myself and may someday get another sailboat. Had thought about spending a few years at sea doing the Jimmy Buffet thing so have been following some other sailing vlogs as well (La Vagabonde, SV Delos, etc). Not sure if I can stand going that slow though so sticking with fast power boats for now.

Anyway, I do most of my boating in the Pacific but the farthest out I've been is the windward side of Catalina which is about 40 miles off the coast. I try to be as prepared as possible so have a built in marine radio as well as a hand held and same with GPS. Also have my cell phone in a ziplock bag in my pocket (you have cell service all the way across) and keep my truck keys, wallet and other important docs in my waterproof "grab box" which is always stowed nearby with easy access. I wear my Lifeline jacket and always use the lanyards. I think I'm pretty well set for any boat issues I might have.

I've been out in pretty big water before and while some prefer smoother waters, I like big waves. I think most of us feel pretty confident with our boats and own captaining capabilities. One thing I hadn't given much thought to is what would I do if I encountered another vessel in distress. Growing up, I was a Sea Explorer Scout, went to the NY Maritime Academy, was a volunteer firefighter and am a US Army veteran so I have some knowledge and experience in rescue. I'd like to think I could handle most situations but watching this unfold I kept thinking what I would do.

Everything worked out okay (other than them losing their boat and everything they own) but must have been an experience for all parties involved. Having to sail away and watching your boat helplessly adrift at sea would be heartbreaking. These are blow boats but the same scenario could apply to power boats (although it sure is nice having that second engine!).

Just wondering if anyone has experienced an at sea rescue or had to be rescued and how you handled it.
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Reading through it now, pretty incredible story and worth a read...
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Good vid, thanks.
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Pretty cool story. The reason all that was able to happen is because all involved had very good equipment like radios, AIS, life rafts, etc. Most boaters are nowhere near that prepared, that's what saved their lives.

If you do a lot of ocean boating, get an epirb and a strobe. Biggest thing that will get you found at night is a light producing device. With NVGs, that stuff stands out like the sun. Light off an EPIRB and there will be an aircraft over you in no time. I'd recommend a ditch bag, west marine sells them. They're floating bright colored duffel bags you can put a radio, epirb, flares, bottles of water etc in. That way if the boat sinks or you gotta jump off it real quick, just grab the bag and go.
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Nice to see people help out in time of need
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Originally Posted by mikebrls View Post
Nice to see people help out in time of need
It's the law in many states if not all.
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Interesting thread from the Captain of the Dove II (adrift).... Worth a read.

If link is disabled, search Dove II on
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Dam that was hard to watch. Feel for the guy.
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