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Ford Engine Chip

Old 10-08-2002, 11:01 AM
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Default Ford Engine Chip

I just sold a 2000 f-250 2wd to my father inlaw, it has a 5.4 ltr engine, I was telling him about the chips for the PSD, He asked if they made a chip for his engine.



Randy Wild
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Old 10-08-2002, 12:31 PM
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Check with There are also some sponsors on this site who sell chips.
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Default Hypertech

Try them.

Make great chips for GM and I think Ford now too.
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I sell several different brands . Western Diesel, Banks , ATS, Superchips , hypertech, BD, Diablo, etc. On the Ford gas engine , the Super chip works the best !! Don't use the programmers . Put a real chip in it . The factory computer will eat away at the program from the "Programmer " . It will get weaker as time goes on and can cause shifting problems . The programers usualy use more gas too . Super chips has already discontinuded their diesel programer . If you have quesions ,e-mail me at : [email protected] I'll try to point you in the right direction . The Gas engine chips are cheaper then the diesels too . Good luck , JOE
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Check out
They have done my gas and diesel trucks and both perform great!
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Hey Joe, Could you give a little more information on the program being eaten. This is the first I've heard of this. How does this happen without affecting other setpoints of the program.
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The trucks have memory capability in the computers . (At least fords do ,Not sure about others ,) They adjust to your way driving . I'm not realy sure why you would need this . My opinion is step on it if you want more and go easy if you don't ! But anyway , The computer compensates to your driving needs and forms a patern to suposedly make things more to your liking . When you add a chip , (The right chip ) It mostly takes over the whole system and bypasses most of the computer . The more simple and cheaper chips just add info to your computer instead . This added info is proccessed and is also recalibrated by the computer . So it's like like 2 different computers fighting each other and in the end , the truck wins . When you use a programmer , You are only adding info with nothing to back it up (NO CHIP) . The factory computer will eat away at this over time and things will change . Also if you change chips as I do all the time , to try different programs , or different makers, You must delete this memory from the trucks computer . Because if you had a chip in and take it out , it will still have some of the old one in the memory .

I just did this with mine . 2002 ford , tri power from western diesel . The full package makes up to 160 hp . I took it out and just put a 50 hp chip in it with out doing a memory delete.
DAM !! It had so much power I thought it was going to rip the tires off !!! So it took what it knows about that 160 hp and added more from the 50 hp chip . That was a shock !! But I wanted to see if it was true ,and YES it was !

HAd another one were a guy had the superchips programmer installed in florida . His exhaust temps were 1500 + !! With just the truck !! And very little horse power gain . ( Suposed to be 80hp) I took it out and put the 'WD' 75hp chip in . It had much better power and only 1150 degrees on exhaust . THEN ,, in only 2 weeks , It started feeling week ....... I did the computer memory delete on it and it got real strong like it should be and has been for some time now . So even the programer that I removed still had a little battle left in it for the chip . But it's strange that it had less power then more , like mine did . Of course I'm talking diesels here but the gas motors have this memory "problem" too. HOpe this help a little , JOE
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