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Originally posted by traviss

Here I sit all broken hearted when to **** but only farted, as I got up to wipe my ass out came the gas. It was a nasty sight , pants around my ankles and **** all over and all I wish is that I was clean and sober. As I move around with a big.. big.. frown I soon notice I might just drown.. I open the window to let the water roar and there goes my beer right out the door. Now I'm pissed and drunk as I stroke my skunk waiting for relief, but sure enough smells like a nasty qweef. The ****ter shoots water 5 ft high theres **** floating I think I might die. As I rip the john off of the floor my pants around my ankles I scrammble out the door, now all covered in **** and water all over the floor, I stumble outside to give the john a toss and by golly the nieghbors are at a loss. The one guy yells and the other guy laugh's and all I had to say was I F%^ked there wifes half to death..

That a boy Trav

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As I picked her up from her house all I could think was getting in her mouth. Wined her, dined... but knew it was a while before I 69'd her.. As she jumped in my ride I glanced at her hide, all wrapped in leather and smooth as a feather she sat it down on my seat and I couldn't speak. We ended up at a high class place, her eating dinner and me thinkin about shootin it on her face. We left there all full and fat, drove back to her house so I could hit dat ass. She was a walking dream all tight with leather and I knew I had to have her forever. We made our way into her bedroom , and my wing wing was going vroom vroom.. as she removed her clothes and laid on the bed as soon as I knew it she was givin head.. She went crazy like a baboon, smackin her ass and makin her cry, and she knew I was her guy. All night long she kept goin.. goin.. till i had no more, then i thought she seems like a w^*ore. I ran like hell and washed off all the filth and glanced at her and said your worthless and I am going to find a MILF!

how dat fools...
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