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sketchy seller and need some help please !!! >

sketchy seller and need some help please !!!


sketchy seller and need some help please !!!

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Default sketchy seller and need some help please !!!

I was interested in a 45k boat. I was going to finance 20k and put down 25k. The boat is titled in a dead uncles and hasn't been tagged this year. Said the reason it was titled in his name is because he didn't want the ex wife to get it. They do have the lean release and tile signed but then he wants the check made out to his curRent girlfriend. Does this seem fishy or am I being to cautious. Can the boat be tied up in an estate and not know it? Opinions would be helpful because I'm leaning to not buying it even though it was everything I wanted.
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Whenever I find myself in those situations on life...its like the force is trying to tell me something..... Become one with the force Luke
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Take a deep breath. Pause. Then walk away. I'm sure the next "perfect boat" is still out there waiting for you.
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signed by who? . . . the dead guy? and someone (who?) wants check made out to dead guys girlfriend? . . . so dead guys wife doesnt know? . . . . . . . uhhhhhh . . . . . run

or is it the boats current owner who put it in his uncles name who died and is wanting check in his girlsfiends name so wife does not know . . . either way how did the title get signed . . . hmmm
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IF it's paid off, have them go get the title transferred into someone who is alive/present--'s name.
With the Uncle's death certificate, that will not cost anything; or only a small transfer fee.

Keep all documentation; and if things check out, proceed with caution along with your bank doing their due diligence as well.
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Agree with the above ^^^^

His story makes sense to me but you need to be legally covered.

Whatever name is on the title should be the name you put on the cheque. If the payee is deceased, the money can still be paid into his trustees account and it becomes part of his estate and divided up according to his will. If he's been dead a looong time and trustee accounts are all closed, it's up to the vendor to get the title in a name to whom you can write the cheque. As Sydwaz stated.

Dont give up on the boat, just do a bit more legwork, maybe pay a lawyer a few hundred to do the work for you?

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His problems should not be your problems. Have him straighten it out.
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Could be a legit boat and sale, but you never know. Best case scenario is that you now have to take on the stress, hassle and potential issues this guy created by trying to hide assets.
He's not likely to change the title into someone else's name prior to selling it to you as that would likely require paying sales tax.
As far as the dead uncle who signed the title, lots of potential issues. Did he have an estate? Creditors who are owed money? In my state the dmv has guidelines also about getting rid of the vehicles after someone dies. What if the guys ex and her attorney get wind of the sale?
Once the check clears you'll likely be on you own for any red tape issues that arise. You can't even claim not knowing because the person you are dealing with is not who's name is on the title and you are writing a check to yet a third person. Better be a screaming deal and even then you better go above and beyond to cover your butt if that's even possible.
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I think they kilt the uncle, forged the doc's and are selling his chit.......lol.........Run Forrest,....man Ive heard some whoppers on this site but this one takes first place.

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