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292 Fastech vs 32 Sunsation I CAN'T DECIDE

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Default 292 Fastech vs 32 Sunsation I CAN'T DECIDE

So I'm in the market for a boat......

A motocross crash has left me with no feeling and limited motion in my left leg (should get better, just a slow process) so I think a boat is my next endeavor. I've been boating my whole life with family friends so it's not new to me. I'll be mainly using it in Michigan on Lake St. Clair, Higgins, Torch etc with a few occasional trips out onto the bigger water of the great lakes.

I was initially looking at 271 Fastech's and 27 Fountains but everyone I talk to said I'll want a bigger boat in a year anyways so might as well just go for boat #2 right off the bat.

I had my heart set on a 292 Fastech w/ 6.2's (either mpi or scorpion) but have come across a 2002 Sunsation 32 dominator w/ twin 496 mag's for the same price, similar hours etc.

I've scoured the internet and both seemed to be very well liked boats, but no comparisons between the two. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. I'm completely torn on what to do here.

Thanks in advance!
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I would definitely go with the Sunsation. It's going to handle the rough water better and be faster. Plus they're built in Michigan. But definitely get a survey and go for a sea trial before making a firm deal.
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Sunsation I would say is the better choice of the two but I dont know chit. I just like the fact is 3 feet longer with big blocks
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I have a 292 with twin 6.2's and love it, but the majority of my boating is on the river, so not big water. One thing is for sure to get the best rough water performance, hydraulic steering and K-Planes are the ticket for the 292.

I have not been in a 32 Sunsation, but understand it has a 24 dead rise hull which is the same as the 292. For the water you are talking about, the greater hull length and added weight of the big blocks will help it perform much better in the rough water compared to a 292. If the Sunsation has hydraulic steering and K-Planes, even better.
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I have an 01' Sunsation Dominator. Its a great boat, it is very capable in most conditions. Having said that it is still a fairly small/light 32' boat. Its more of a hot rod than a wave crusher.

Also, you cant go wrong with Sunsations Customer service. Wayne and Joe(owners) have personally responded to emails I have sent with questions about my 15+ year old boat, and even sent me there cell number.
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Dominator! Love those boats.
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I have a 05 288 Sunsation and had someone with a 292 pull up next to me on the beach. The 292 was a lot bigger then my boat and didn't seem much smaller then the dominator. I think he said top speed was around 70 with the small blocks. I love my boat and take care of it religiously but I hate to say the fastech seems to be a better built boat.
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The Sunsation will be much faster, The Formula will be rigged better and will have many more amenities. Really hard to compare a 32 to a 29 though. Both great boats.
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Having owned a Sunsation, the Sunny will have more "bling". The Formula will have more functionality. In reality the 32 Sunsation is comparable to a 30' boat with a bolt on platform. Still both nice boats.
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Formula also makes a 312 fastech. Which would be similar to the Sunsation. I don't think you can go wrong with either.
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