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Default Caincando1

Where do you stay when you go to La Crosse? The Bikini Yacht Club is usually the hot spot, in my opinion....but I also work for the Marine Company that owns it Just had a group of about 10 boats make the run down to La Crosse from the twin cities in early Oct. All bajas and formulas (25-38ft.). Fun group.
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Well its kind of a long story but here I go.

La Crosse- I have a good friend that lives there. MY Girlfriend has relatives there and a friend that used to own a bar there(Benny's). So I've been know to frequent Lacrosse a few times a year.

We where down for Octoberfest and I saw that group you where talking about. I never got a chance to talk to them. When we arrived at 8pm our friends where already very drunk and fighting and needed a sobber ride home. So I was a good friend and drove them home instead of partying. So we got to see a whole half hour of October fest this year. I saw that group of boats in Pool 5 when they where on there way home Sunday. A buddy said there was a bunch of booby flashing coming from them too.

I have yet to boat down myself. But the others do and stay at River Jacks. They(40 plus people) went down and stayed there about 3 years ago when it was the Moxy and where banned for life. But with new owneres they where allowed back.

The Bikini Yacht club is a nice place but to far from town and no accomidations. Get those motels opened back up and we'll be down.

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I saw on the Weather Channel Wisconsin got some shnow . Also heard you only have two seasons a year up there....winter and 4th of July .
Welcome aboard
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Welcome to the crew.
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Welcome dude..

If you want, check with "waterfoul" on the board. He might be willing to sell his baja. I know it is for sale.. Its a sweet boat..

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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to the board. Griff has a nice Baja for sale, catch him on here sometime.

Oh and watch out for the guys with over 2000 posts...they aren't normal.

Did anyone mention you are also required to post a pic of your boat and significant other...not always in that order.
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