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Post your best troubleshooting experience


Post your best troubleshooting experience

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Default Post your best troubleshooting experience

Mine was: port engine was overheating not like 240 but over 180 with 140 thermostat.

Checked T with temp gun good. Watched water flow out exhaust it was inboards exhaust below waterling but when they become uncovered.

Hard to tell from water flow but boat was new to me yet used so I replace the impellor and of course checked the sea strainer.

I had checked the water inlet scoops before it was launched.

For some reason I thought if this boat was not used much in salt water a layer of salt could build up in the iwater intake path.

i removed the top of the ball valve that was about at the waterline. There it was a perfect salt donut. Easy to remove. Put it back together and no more overheating.

Took less than an hour.

Could of taken a week.

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1st time putting boat together (came without motor etc...) hook everything up, no power to dash, start digging around find unhooked heavy red wire, hook that up, break out the test light, nothing..hook battery charger to battery, start checking with test light under dash , nothing...jiggle check wiggle check jumper ground wire check with test light still nothing... Spend an hour pulling out what little hair I have left and the old test light does not glow...Accidently hit blower switch on dash and hear "wwhhhiiiirrrrr" It seams the bulb in the test light is bad... Throw dead test light across the garage and open beer....
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Threw parts at it till it worked.
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6 hp Tohatsu 4 stroke. Would fire right up but once running for a couple minutes it wouldn't do anything more than idle without dying.

Somehow convinced myself it was sucking air in the fuel line.
Replaced the gas in the gas tank
Replaced fuel line from tank to motor
Then replaced motor internal fuel lines and fuel filter
Then replaced hose fitting on motor
Then replaced fuel tank
Then replaced fuel pump
Then took off, cleaned out, and put carburetor back on(a couple times),
Then replaced ignition coil/module

THEN I REPLACED THE SPARK PLUG... vroom vroom. Pretty sure I have that old spark plug(looked fine on the outside) still hanging around the garage. I call it the $249 spark plug.
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I looked at a boat that had a few obvious handyman fixes on it. I passed on the sale in 15 seconds and saved me years of headaches and thousands of thousands of dollars.
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I have many of these stories!

1. bought 99’ 25 outlaw. 2 batteries, 1 engine and other spare/house battery. Pulled boat down from Chicago to New Orleans. Turned radio on and amp kept cutting out and had static. Put battery on charge for 30 minutes. Same thing, Threw amp away and bought another thinking amp bad. Trash man comes.... Tried new amp, SAME thing... Battery had dead cell. Went to Harbor Freight and bought a load tester. Best $20 I ever spent!!

2. Had engine problems.. both engines on 33 Outlaw would fall on their face at 4500 rpms. Changes, rotors, caps, wires, plugs. Pulled fuel siphons, etc, after 3 test drives and countless head scratching, I noticed the vacuum lines on both motors were hard and barely on. After reading a few threads and watching youtube, I learned how the vacuum lines operated the fuel pressure regulators. Basically at high RPM, the vacuum closes the fuel rail bypass to keep fuel in rail which also increase pressure to rail (by closing bypass that goes back to filter head or tank in my case). Changed all vacuum lines, first time I put sticks forward, she growled instead of the grunting... solved!

3. Port engine stalled and would spin over and no fire a few months later after #2. Had just changed all caps, wires etc in #2, so though it may be the ignition control module. I belive it was BUP that kept insisting it was cap or rotor. Was driving into work one morning and saw his reply, was headed to buy the module, bought a spark plug test light and another cap and rotor instead. Sure enough, the Rotor cracked and spun just a hair causing the missing spark. Learned that the Crank sensor triggers the Ignition control module that fires the coil only to send fire back to the cap to disperse the spark!!

4. This one lasted the first 4 years I owned this boat. Lost 800 rpms off WOT from when I first test drove her in VA in spring. Motors ran fine, just couldn’t pull the rpms with the 25M+ props. Ended going 24p B1 and labbed to get RPMS back up, but max speed around 63mph on a good day. Had up to 67.6 on sea trial. Headed back across the lake and P engine lost rpms, but didnt kill. Stopped, she revved fine, got back on top and ran about 5 minutes and same thing. Happened several times, got pissed and held sticks to the wood and all of a sudden, she ran up to 67mph!! WTF! Ended up finding a old thread where a guy has same symptoms and Mark Boos pointed to the TPS sensor. Had a fellow Baja brother in Biloxi bring me his scanner and it was the TPS and both engines had Knock codes that were pulling timing on the top end!! WOW after 4 years and labbing props. Just sold props and bought some 25 mirage and she ran 68.0 a couple weeks ago, going to send to BBlades in spring to match them up and d a lil labbing.

5. Cool fuel motors (454 and 502 mags efi) were known to vapor lock. Bought $300 kit for the 25 outlaw and didnt want to drop another $600 when I spoke to Eddie Young and he had me route my return lines back to tank. Worked great for 3 years. Took boat to AL and put about 50 gallon of reg gas (not NON Ethanol). Ran fine in AL and then started vapor locking when I got home on several trips. I carry sea foam fill filters back up and works like a charm. Added Holley pumps to solve new vapor lock issue. They ran Fine, but then had issue #2. So during one of the test rides, I unplumbed the holleys as I thougth, maybe, they would be restricting fuel. Fixed issue #2 and never plumbed back in and filled up with NON ethanol again and never had vapor lock again. Return lines to fuel tank does correct Vapor lock, but still cant run ethanol fuel!

I learned a lot about my 454 mags over the last 9 years of owning a 25 Outlaw and now a 33 Outlaw. Between help from guys on this forum, the Baja forum and youtube, I have learned a lot about motors in general!

I probably have more but this is all I can remember right now! Lol

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I am here to collecting experienced trouble shooting methods....
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