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Dodgers Trivia for the Phantom

Old 10-31-2002, 12:34 PM
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Default Dodgers Trivia for the Phantom

The Phantom says he is a big Dodger Blue baseball fan....I say he is a front runner and probably knows very little about the of the top of my head I have put together some very easy and basic trivia questions for the Phantom...lets see how much of a Dodgers fan he help from the peanut gallery!!!!

1. Fernando Valenzuela is from what country? Easy

2. What Dodgers pitcher holds the record for consecutive scoreless innings pitched? What Dodger held the previous record in this category? Easy

3. What Dodger holds the team career record for stolen bases?

4. Was Sandy Koufax a righty or lefty? Easy

5. What was Don Drysdale's knickname? Easy

6. What animal did Ron Cey run like??? Easy

7. Who did the Dodgers beat to win their last World Series?

8. What Dodger player hit a walk off home run to win a game in that series? Easy

9. Who was the starting catcher for the Dodgers last season?

10. What was Steve Garvey's wifes name....while he was a Dodger???

11. What Dodgers shortstop had the same name as a famous Boston Celtic basketball player?

12. What was the name of the ballpark the Dodgers played in back in Brooklyn?

13. What former Dodger catcher was left paralyzed after a car accident?

14. What number was Steve Garvey and Sandy Koufax?

15. What former Dodger was Tommy Lasorda's godson?

16. What Dodgers shortstop from the 50's is in the baseball hall of fame?

17. What Dodgers outfielders in the 60's had the same last name but were not related?

18. Who managed the Dodgers in the 60's and 70's????

19. What was Fernando Valenzuela's out pitch??? Fastball, Curve, Slider, Knuckler, Screwball, Sinker, Eephus???

20. What former Dodger player managed the last US Olympic baseball team to a gold metal?

19-20 Expert class....a true blue Dodger fan
17-18 Master class....a loyal Dodger fan
15-16 Commander class...a recent Dodger fan
13-14 Captains class....bandwagon fan...only when they win
11-12 Imposter class....reads the sports page once a week
9-10 boater class....doesn't know baseball from soccer

No cheating allowed!!!!

Let the Phantom asnwer first, then the rest of you can pitch in and try to help the Phantom.....these are real easy basic questions....even a younger person should know some of the older questions.

DMan....and the D is for the Dodgers are in the Dumps!!!
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Old 10-31-2002, 12:59 PM
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Phantom....I now know you are cheating looking through your baseball encyclopedia and calling Dodger Stadium and asking some 80 year old security guard for all the answers. For every five minute delay in replying, you drop to the next category. If
there were naked girls on thils post, you would have had seven
replies by now!!!!! I am on to you....Boaters Class for you!!!!!

DMan...and the D is for you Don't know the answers!!!!
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Old 10-31-2002, 02:19 PM
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You are a DAP (dumb ass poodle). I don't have too much room in my head for stupid little sprots trivia because I live for today, and not so much in the past.....but here is my best shot at your silly little list.

1. Mexico (that's just south of CA, in case you forgot)

2. Either Don Drysdale or Sandy Kolfax

3. Davey Lopes

4. dumbass

5. Paul Doluca

6. A black/white tuxedo guy, a penguin

7. Oakland A's

8. Kurt Gibson?

9. No idea

10. Cindy

11. Bill Russell

12. Ebbits Field

13. Roy Campenella

14. #6

15. Mike Piazza

16. Duke Snyder?

17. No idea

18. Walter Alston

19. The awesome Screwball

20. Tommy Lasorda

Now..........go away, and stop pestering me with things from the past!
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Old 10-31-2002, 03:02 PM
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Not too bad Mr. Big Dodgers fan!!!

1. correct

2. Orel Hersheiser...broke Drysdale's record

3. Maury Wills

4. correct

5. Drysdale's nickname was Big D!!!

6. correct

7. correct

8. correct....Kirk...not Kurt Dap!!!

9. Paul La Duca.....confused on the number answered....that is why you failed your SAT's!

10. correct...good one!!!!

11. correct

12. correct

13. correct

14. half correct...Garv was 6 and Koufax 32

15. correct

16. Pee Wee Reese...Snyder was the center fielder!

17. Willie Davis and Tommy Davis

18. correct

19. correct

20. correct

Just as I thought...a Bandwagon fan with 13 correct!!! I didn't think you would get half of them rilght although they are as easy as telling the throttle stix from the gear stix!!!!

I now officially accept you as a bonafide Dodger fan!!!!!!!


DMan....and the D is for Dissing you and your Dodgers!!!!!
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Old 10-31-2002, 04:19 PM
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Thirteen and a half points you DAP. Not bad for a non-sports buff WITH a life. Now why don't you go and get a life, and stop bugging me! Go hit the starter on your boat with a hammer or something for fun.
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