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Shootout Scandal

Old 11-13-2002, 02:45 AM
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As we all know, the Busch family is in the business of selling beer and other alcoholic beverages(Bacardi Silver). We also know that Powerboat magazine is offering the Top Gun the cover of an issue. As a businessman I believe that the Bud boys made a wise decision from a Business standpoint.

From a Spectators standpoint it was very unfortunate that Callen Marine lost because of this and that they were not prepared to compete against an Unlimited Hydroplane boat.

The Shootout is definately heading in the wrong direction if infact it chooses this path. I would have to agree with Tbonepmp that the Top Gun should be a boat that you can cruise around the lake in or criuse through the Party Cove. Those two things could probably be done given the right amount of patience. I don't want to see the rules get twisted into some technicality BS.

Its sad to see that the Shootout may take a turn for the worst but, if I was selling beer and had an ace in the hole for free advertising on the cover of a major boating publication, I would honestly say that I would have done the same exact thing.

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Originally posted by mpally
Correct me if I am wrong, but can't a person sign up to run on Sunday? If this is the case, what is the problem with Miss Bud entering Sat. night? They entered this fair and they were the fastest. I don't see a problem.
Very true mpally
the one thing I ahve a problem is they did not go through the process the same as everyone else.
Myself along with Waterfoul and many many more people were up in the milling pond waiting our turn to run.
This waiting was done a first come first served way.
When you showed up at the start boat you were givin a boat to run behind.
This was NOT done by Bud!
They spent countless time trying to get running for an exhibition run. Then they did ANOTHER exih. run.
Then they came back and annonced they were entering in the shootout to take the top gun speed away from Callan run over Barcardi. This was said repeatedly over the radio.
However, what Miss B did not do was wait in line BEHIND all of us that has been waiting. I know I waited 1 1/2 hours up theree after having first contact with the start boat. I know myself and can only assume alot of other boats was running low on gas and did not want to continue idling for so long. Or shutting down and starting up because of the water flow.
I know several people that signed up on Sunday for thier first run.
I know several people that signed up sunday for a second or third pass.
But they waited in line. Just like everyone except Miss Bud.
that is what chapps my hide!!
Money bought the show, money owns the business.
The shootout just became a business for Top Gun, not a showing pf personal best. Not a braggin right day. Not a way for locals and long distant travelers as myself to have a great time.
But it came down to a wasted Sunday waiting on one boat that took at least 1-2 hours of the day for themselves.
Could you imagine if one of the regulars was taking that much time? They would have been laughed off the course.
How many people were waiting at the end of the day to do thier run? A lot

JMHO Send my .02 this way
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Old 11-13-2002, 05:14 PM
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The December issue of Powerboat Magazine is out and has AMAZING coverage of the event (may be the best issue ever). The article and photos are awesome - it's like it happened yesterday...can't wait 'til next year.

The coverage of the "controversy" is very balanced and thorough.
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If "Bud" wants to play those games, they better hope one of those really "crazy" drag boat guys does't get the idea to re-gear, re-prop, turn down the boost, a little less nitro, and come up to the shoot out and easily blast through the run well over 200 mph, just coasting. But as we all agree, the original idea of shoot outs has gone by the wayside. They still better hope Jet Set from NJ does not come up for the shoot out, his 0-175 mph times are incredable!
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Default Shootout

Actually, there are drag boats on LOTO. Tiesday nights in a cove at the 40mm. COurse set up and everythig.
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Old 11-14-2002, 10:28 AM
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My .02~ Bud should be ashamed of themselves... period. Good Business decision!? That's crap... the shootout is a braggin' rights gig, main sponsor or not. Even more reason to not to pull that stunt. I agree with Tbone, if it can't or doesn't run on the lake then it's out. What's next, Kenny Bernstein showing up at the next local "Fast and the Furious" street race in a 6,000+ hp Top-Fueller taking eveyones pink slips!?!?!

Callan deserved that cover!!!

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Powerboat's coverage this month is fantastic.

Looking over all the reader responses, it's not too much different than what is being said here: Bud had no business entering the exhibition boat.

Did anyone catch what August Busch had to say in the magazine. It's dispicable and arrogent at it's finest!
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I read the article last night and really liked how they said they had the Bud boat set up for rough water and then went out and made an EXHIBITION run and then made changes to the boat before they did their competitive run. That sounded real fair to all other entrants involved. No I don't want to pay I'd just like to make an "ehibition" run so I can get my boat set up the way I want it.
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Old 11-14-2002, 11:38 AM
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Default Where the heck???

I can't find a shop/stand that carries PB mag..
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That's unusual...Have you tried publix? Before I subscribed, I bought it from there.
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