BUP banned?

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Default BUP banned?

was looking at some threads and see BUP is banned? Whats up with that?hes alot of help on these forums
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06-07-2020, 04:28 PM
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The guy has helped hundreds of us diagnose problems for years for nothing. Help of this kind from members is absolutely one of the main reasons this site exists and has been so successful. It’s a damn shame
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If I had to guess itís the constant sales pitch posts. Should at the very least get a paid memebership.
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are there others here that offer services without membership?
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Bad move. Dude was a giant help here.
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shows he was last active at 944 am this morning. I dont think he was banned, but I could be wrong
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Originally Posted by Unlimited jd View Post
If I had to guess itís the constant sales pitch posts. Should at the very least get a paid memebership.
I didnít notice that. Iím all for pros that are willing to share. Plus I need an update on the Lavey.
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His profile shows Banned.... crazy!
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Can I buy him a Premium membership? He bought my Fastech.
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Yes he was banned. He might have sold his parts and services here but offered so much free help it will be a big lose.
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