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Ford STILL will not step up

Old 11-14-2002, 08:53 AM
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Default Ford STILL will not step up

Well I tried yet another dealer. This one tells me after I gave them a HUGE list of all the stuff that they tranny does said that there is NOTHING wrong with the transmision. I also had over the last month had my break pedal go to the floor two times and the ABS kick in on a totally normal stop. What the dealer that I HAD been dealing with failed to tell me is that after 100 key cycles the compter clears itself and wipes out the faul codes. Well after it set off the OD light flashing 4 or 5 times it has not done it in a couple weeks. Well it took me 4 weeks to get the apointment with this guy. Figure if I drive my truck on average 5-6 times a day (especially when I was moving) and that is 10-12 key cycles a day. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that after 10 days all my fault codes were wiped clear!!!! I am PISSED as the dealership NEVER mentioned that to me. Now these mechanics are not allowed to think for themselves so all they can do is hook up the computer and see what the trouble code it. Well last I checked the only two things that can fault the comptuter is a slipping Toorque converter and one other thing that I can not remember at this time. I asked the guy with the thousands of things that are in the tranny don't ya think that there could be something wrong that DOES NOT show up on the computer? The list that I gave them was like this

1) surges when it is cold
2) Shifts erratically
3) OD light has flashed 4-5 times
4) Gas Milage is WAY down when towing
5) Noise when shifting
6) Oil smells after only 4000 miles worse then my other truck with 60K on its current fluid
7) Reves up when shifting from one gear to another
8) when accellerating some times your speed will go up and the RPM's will go down

You telling me with all that info they could not use thier brain to say oh ya when those things happen it is this............... Oh well I am off to pick it up again and this time I am going to not bring it back untell it is locked up tighter then a bulls ass in fly season!!!!!

FORD TRANNYS SUCK and so does the ESP (ESP= Extreemly ****ty Protection) warrantee

Put your best foot forward!
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sound like wiring, maybe a bad ground somewhere.
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You could wreck it.
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Old 11-15-2002, 01:57 AM
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Originally posted by Battle Cry
You could wreck it.
I would not go that far

sounds like the 98 Dodge Quad Cab I had a few years back
went through 2 front ends and 5 tries on the tranny
turned it in
told them to take it back minus mileage fees or I would contact the state for lemon law
they did not want to do that. sold it back to them for what I paid for it minus milieage and such

went and bought a CHEVY
This Cat is trying to keep up with the Big Dogs
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