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Avoiding Road Rage

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Pointers for Dealing with Road Rage Drivers.

What should you do if you're a victim of "road rage"? First, recognize that in many cases, the anger, frustration and aggressive driving from another motorist is in response to something you may have done, even unintentionally. Accidentally cutting off other drivers or pulling out in front of them because of inattention can easily be interpreted as an aggressive move. If such a thing happens, a quick "I'm sorry" wave can diffuse the situation and end the matter.

Even driving along in a normal fashion can be seen as confrontational if the other motorist perceives it as an intentional act aimed at impeding his or her progress.

If another motorist exhibits aggressive behavior toward you and your vehicle, for whatever reason, protect yourself by following these rules'

Do not respond in any way. Once the aggressive driving begins, don't make eye contact or gesture in any way. If you have a cell phone, don't hesitate to call 911 if you feel threatened.

Continue to drive in a normal fashion with the flow of traffic. Follow all traffic rules and signal all your moves. On a multi-lane roadway, move to the right lane in hopes the other motorist will pass you and drive on.

If you're being tailgated or harassed, signal and turn off the roadway toward a populated, well-lit area. With luck, this will end the confrontation. If not, stop at a service station or convenience store where there are lots of other people around. Do not get out; lock your doors, and if the situation continues, signal or call for help.

Remember, your first order of business is to protect yourself and your passengers. That means focusing full attention on driving with good situational awareness to avoid unintentionally angering another motorist. And don't forget that it's another human being in the other vehicle. Respect that fact, respect the inherent danger of driving, and don't allow another motorist's actions to affect your safety.
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Good advise. Thanks.
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Don't take this the wrong way-- DRIVE A BIG TRUCK
I have had people bounce off the side of my personal truck and my work van because they thought they should have the right to my spot in the road when I was waiting in line like every one else. I just shake my head at them. I don't get out of the truck even if their is an accident. I just drive to the nearest police station after I wright down the plate #'s of the people that may have seen the event. Don't get out of the car no matter what. Even if you have protection ( club or gun ) it won't do you any good against an inraged IDIOT if you don't have the guts to use it. ( Been there done that - didn't use it )
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What Rage I dont have no stinking rage
Are you Nuts, get out of my lane!
I'm late you Idiot! Get off the phone and get out of my way!
well I sure weve all thought those things before
good point is did I piss him off or is he pissing me off?
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I also read Hold your horn button on and people will look and the motorist will back off.
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I've only been involved in one rade rage incedent. This drunk moron had his wife driving, I had slowed up to let them pass me on a 4 lane devided highway. After they passed me I moved over into the left lane behind them so I could make a left turn at the next light. This idiot must've thought I was mad that they passed me or something. because he jumped out of his car when I pulled up behind them at the next light. He was yelling " come on, move a little closer" I acted like I didn't hear him and stepped out of my truck to see what he was yelling about. As he saw me stand up, he shut up and got back in his car. He was about 5'6" and fat. I'm 6'6" and about 275 lbs not much fat.

That defused the situation. but probuly not the right way. haha
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Originally posted by HyperBaja
I also read Hold your horn button on and people will look and the motorist will back off.
Or they will just think your f'in nuts and leave you alone. I think this would be more effective if you start sceaming at the little guy in your dashboard who's talking through the radio
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