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i killed the buyer beware thread

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Originally posted by DonMan
[BI may in-fact call up Cobra Engines just to make sure they know of this incident here on our forum. They need to make an "OFFICIAL" response to address this. [/B]
I did indeed call COBRA at their shop in Florida to make sure they were aware of this thread. They are aware of it. I advised that from my viewpoint, they should make an attempt to clarify their position on this matter. I`m not sure if they will or not. As I said, they are aware of this thread and how they handle it from here will show their true colors.
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I guess experienced boaters would never ask for a refund if the part they recieved was incorrect.

I bet they have read every word on here and have chosen to stay silent. That tells me at they are standing behind Angels words.

Hey guys, I guess they don't need our business.

I'm not looking to get our asses kissed. I just want to see Puder taken care of - because it's the right thing to do.
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Shipwrecked, quick synopsis:

Brendan, aka "puder" bought what he thought was an intercooler for the blower on his boat from Cobra Power. He asked if it would fit his blower and was told "yes."

Turns out, it's not the right part, they never made a 'cooler for his blower. He's understandably p.o.'d about the situation, especially after Cobra made it plain they weren't too interested in working with puder to come to a resolution. Puder posted up a thread about the deal, and lots of other folks jumped on board with similar stories.

Apparently, an employee of Cobra Power is a member here and came on to blast puder (and others?), using some pretty derogatory language. Puder pulled the plug on the thread, and this one was born.

That's what I saw/heard/inferred - I may be wrong in some details, but that's the general gist of it.

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yep thats about it.

The only reason i posted this thread was so that everyone didn't jump on the OSO admins and accuse them of killing the thread for political reason.
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Default angel's attitude

it may be her backlash from the 24 year old hard body that whooped her silicone ass. but thats another thread
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Did you pay with a credit card? Dispute the charge and return the unused part to them. They really should have made puder whole from the start since they made the mistake. The name calling sounds like the "wrong time of the month" from Angel.
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They said they would make puder whole. That part I believe was all a misunderstaning. The problem developed because of the personal attack that cobra inflicted on puder. I am in awe of the entire customer service event. Poor, poor business practices at this point. There might be 7000 inexperienced boaters on this board, but each of those inexperienced powerboaters know probably at least 10 other inexperienced powerboaters. That is 70,000 people with a hole in the water to dump money into?

You outta wake up and smell the coffee Mr Businessman!! I inquired the day before this thread on a variety of parts from you. I spend an easy $10k a year on my hobby. You think I want to expose myself to what puder got? Hell no!! Lotsa people out there trying to sell marine parts.

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Just spoke to Randy at Cobra. He apologises for Angels hot tempered response. He would have responded to this post earlier but he does not know how to post on the board. Puder should contact Randy for his refund.

We do not like to have to step in when there are problems, if you have a problem you should try to resolve it amongst yourselves via e-mail, telephone, or PM.

Let's move on, this thread will be closed.

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