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Default Gas?

Just went to top off today, 4.39 ,93 premium. 632$ better get before its 8$ LETS GO BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is what happens when you elect a president by mail. and/or when you get offended by mean tweets and voter manipulation via the media. Thank the sheep !!!
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News showed $7.55 a gallon for premium in Los Angeles.
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this ones on Putin.
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Brandon set the table for Putin.
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It's all such b.s. too, Gasoline is our #1 export...still. We are importing OIL to make gasoline to...sell to foreign markets. But the amount of oil we get from Russia is MAYBE 10% at best, so no way is this 200% increase in fuel costs due to the conflict in the Ukraine. Not to make this political but shiite was going to hell insofar as fuel prices due entirely to Bedpan. I bought 100 of the "I did that!" decals and have been putting them on gas pumps...when I can find a space, lol. Most the pumps around here are already COVERED in them.
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Ukrane set the stage for the North American fuel companies to prop up a mega price gouge

With conversions - I paid $6.54 USD/gallon for high test in Toronto

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We live in Lafayette , la. Sales tax here in Lafayette has been record after record the past year or so , as well as outer surrounding areas. This is oil land/equipment manufacture , support , etc.
I know of at least a dozen or so building projects (retail, car wash ,general business offices) currently under construction right by me . Rising material cost isn't slowing anything down.

Houses, from small low 200's to 4+ million going up everywhere. Selling as fast as there completed.


NEW vehicles- all those BENZ,BMW,Infinity,Audi that use premium fuel, have fun with those fill ups .

Diesels, everywhere and the hay bras with the giant tractor tires ...pffft they gonna go broke rolling coal.

Food- wheat hit it's highest ever this week per bushel . Fertilizer through the roof.

I , at 52 think we are reaching peak insanity.

Funny thing is I still have some memory of the last 2 times in my life when petro products did this, but neither of those times we didn't have inflation on fire and a Government run by complete ,inept employees.

With WW3 going hot , God bless us all.

Went to the RaceTrac to get a cup of coffee this morning,

87 -$3.89 Diesel $4.34 insane..

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Need to put Vaseline around under your cap when filling so you and your boat both know it’s getting a good fken! Hard to say summer will bring. The rich are just getting richer including biden over this crap.
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Worst part is the gas you are pumping was likely purchased weeks before the war even started…yet we are paying war time prices. Smh
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Cite your sources, believe what you want, but no one can deny the 180 direction change and 2 words you'll never hear in media or gov
(unless used as a punchline or said with a snarl), America first.
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