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Baby and expecting mom on boat.


Baby and expecting mom on boat.

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Default Baby and expecting mom on boat.

My wife is pregnant and I’d like to make our boating days more comfortable for her and is once the baby is here.

Any information you can share on what made your wife most comfortable on the boat when she was pregnant? Anything you wish you both knew beforehand?

How about with your newborn? What are your must-haves on the boat with the baby?

So far I’m thinking of adding Aquatraction to the deck, some more shade, and the Baby Searock swing. Best PFD?

Any advice on what made boating more comfortable is greatly appreciated!

By no means do we want to buy stuff just to buy it and clutter up the deck so I was hoping those of you who have been through this could help guide me towards what really made a difference for the mom-to-and-baby.

Thank you!

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The only thing that would have kept my missus happy boating once the kid was born would have been a bigger boat. Something around 150 feet. 🙂

I suggest lots of shade, pay attention to the weather and learn to drive slowly. Maybe you’re wife is an avid boater so it won’t be a problem but just make sure she’s happy because if she’s not, it can effect your boating time drastically. Your baby will do anything and go where you take him/her as long as wifey agrees.

Good luck with your upcoming kid.

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What boat do you have??
My wife really had no issues boating while pregnant with our first kid through September with a January baby. Baby was boating at 6 months, but we boated according to how he was doing. Second kid was born in June and some issues to deal with. He didn’t boat till the following year.
Shade and wind ear protection are biggest things for the newborns that we found. We had a 24 Outlaw and 28 PANTERA
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65' Sea Ray with a badass A/C unit and spray misters, a cabana boy to serve her, and the which ever visa of yours that has the highest limit. Oh yeah, always make sure she has reception on her i pad to (god forbid they ever lose touch with Amazon). Do all of this and you have about a 79% chance based on my history...


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As far as boating while pregnant my wife who is an avid boater was all for boating as much as she could as long as her doctor approved it. She only had a short time about a month or two since our season ends in late October and our son was born in may.

once our son was born he was on the boat at almost two months. We made sure he had plenty of shade when we stopped a off that fit him which we tried a few until we found the right one and a hat. He fussed a little but once the lull of two big blocks running he fell right asleep. He is now 13 months and took him out the first time this year on Saturday and he loved it. Dancing while the radio was on and just being a curious one year old checking everything

another experience we had with a baby on a boat was my niece who is now 10 and terrified if it get the slightest bit choppy even on our 38. My wife swears that when my niece was a baby and my sitter in-law had her on our old 10 meter that my sister in law was scared of the chop and held her too tight and could sense her fear and that is why she is that way now.

the only other thing with the baby is that the trips get a bit shorter and you have to go a little slower. But I wouldn’t trade making the memories with my son for the world .
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Shade, sunscreen, hat, light weight moisture wicking spf clothing, and lots of will power to hold the throttles back when that other boat sneaks up on ya. My babies are 19 and 16 now, grew up boating and still can’t wait to go every chance we get. Make sure to sunscreen and cover up even in the shade, the sun reflects off the water......I grew up boating as well and had melanoma 3 years ago, they say can be from sun damage many years earlier. Congrats and enjoy the new one, the years fly by!
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Our kids were both boating as infants. Like others have said, good shade and easy driving will go a long ways. At 28 and 30 years old they both still love boating and look at the lake as being their place to enjoy. A high point to me was running the Miami to Key West Poker run with my son in our Skater. You will have many of these fond memories by including them.

I do know this. If more parents would include their kids in their lives (not just feed them and send them to school, but really include them) this world would be a better place. The breakdown of the family unit, in my opinion is the root cause of most of what ails our society today. Good for you for figuring out a way to make it happen!
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Shade and AC!!! The sun/heat seemed to always be the number 1 cause of deciding when we had to head back to the dock for the day.
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If you have a loud exhaust then start the boat AND THEN bring the baby over to the boat while running......i had a friend bring his wife and then 8mo old kid on my old boat....when i started the engines up for the first time it scared the crap out of the kid and that was the end of the trip! LOL they went walking around downtown while i went off boating! it was a good day....for me anyway!

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy horsepower. And I've never seen a sad person hauling a$$!
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Be very careful with very little ones on a boat when it gets warm outside. Just the other week while my wife and I were on another lake we saw a baby about two – three months old in distress from the heat. The baby was very lethargic. The parents took the boat to the closest place with AC (a restaurant) and sat in the lobby area while they waited for an ambulance. Fortunately they were able to cool the baby down some with damp paper towels. The good news is the baby cooled off enough to start crying just before the ambulance got there.

As others have said… have shade, a fan or AC and some clean water (not just lake/ sea water) to put on a towel to cool down. (Neck, chest and head). Full rim hat, sun glasses SPF clothing and sun screen.

We have many pick of our kids out on the boat when they were babies. They had a great time and that makes Mom have a better time.
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