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what is the REAL cost of bigmotors/ drives?

Old 11-26-2002, 03:06 PM
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Question what is the REAL cost of bigmotors/ drives?

what are ALL THE REAL expenses w/ big motors drives vs. gas and go?

ex. mait and repair on big blower motors > 600hp and the same on speedies or other drives as apposed to bravos?

also what is the diff between speedy 3,4,5,6's? is it hp rating or are they newer models?

im lookig at buying a new boat and the purchase price is not the problem... its the big $ upkeep mait issues of these boats w/ blown motors big drives that scares me... thanks
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Old 11-26-2002, 03:29 PM
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The unbeatable package would be engines around 600 hp and #6 drives. Drives aren't a maintenance issue, the #6 on the race boat that were powered with hp500s were complete maintenance free, except change the oil at the end of the season.
Engines are another big question, I think the way to go is with larger displacement making less hp. My 509s don't make a lot of HP but they are gas and go except for changing the oil every 20 - 25 hours. I'd love to have 572s making around 600 to 650. With the short season here in NJ I want to use my boat and I'm willing to give up a few mph to do so.
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Old 11-26-2002, 03:34 PM
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Ted...let's just say it is significantly higher than those 350's yer currently running. I replaced the 420s in the Cafe this summer and have spent over 10K just upgrading the "new" 540s with new oil coolers, MSD, CMI Exhaust, new carbs, intakes and some dress up stuff like valve covers and pulleys.

Maint depends alot on the valvetrain. My motors use mild cams and no roller components which require valve adjustments every 50 hours or so. I don't get the added hp of that kind of setup, but I'm still around 600hp naturally aspirated.

Blower motors need even more special care and maint...

Drives like the speedy 3s through the sixes are more durable than the Bravo and if you make a throttling mistake, they are more forgiving with larger hp engines. Bravos, will tend to come apart if you miss a throttle or two in big water---again---with larger hp engines. Parts will soon be an issue for the 3s(like the TRS) and I dunno if they are building the 4 or 5 drives any more. the major difference between these drives is the X dimension---I believe the 4 and 5 are shorter than the 3, but don't quote me. I also believe they handle more hp.

Bottom line is "Speed Costs Money; How Fast Can You Afford To Go?"

My choice, if I had the means, would certainly be a number six boat with 1000hp Cobra motors(not!)...I'd buy Merc power all the way!

I'll make it easy for Ruckus
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Anytime you go beond 1.0- 1.1 horse per cubic inch you enter into a whole new mantaince deal.. a 454 ci @ 450 hp is a long live combo in most boats with only normal maitn. as would be a 572 ci at 550 hp to 600 hp. Where your big cost come in to play is when you start making 1.2 to 1.4 + hp at which point you now stress your rotating assy. and all moving parts at much higher rate. causing the need for maitn. in less hours of opperation..speed cost money and a 1000 hp engine is hard on parts.. If it was'nt every auto manufacter would install high hp big blocks in cars and trucks with warrantees.... MERC has their line of SC engine package with warrantees, priced so they can afford to replace them once or twice... but again speed cost money!!!!
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Old 11-26-2002, 05:21 PM
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Originally posted by Sean

"Speed Costs Money; How Fast Can You Afford To Go?"

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how about 1.7?
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Old 11-27-2002, 08:38 AM
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The real cost is having to replace the whole shooting match when it gernades at 6000rpm and blows out the entire system and a little of the transome and hatch It has happened
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Hey Hotrod,
Do you know Doug Flannery ?

did something like that happen to you? Tell us a story !

I've got a 675hp N/A 540 with a Bravo one. The last two seasons I have broken a lifter (solid roller) which ended up costing around $1000 to fix. This motor has been a learing curve for me though. Now I have a maintence schedule planned out. It may be a little on the anal side but I don't want any major engine repairs.
As far as the Bravo goes, I've broken one in two seasons. I think for my application it is the only way to go. Plus a number 6 hanging off of the back of a 26 Scarab would look pretty funny ! If it even floated.
Here's the maintence schedule.

Oil Change every 20 hours.
Check Valve lash every 10 hours
Valve springs every season
replace lifters at 35-40 hours

It may sound like allot but for as hard as I run this (as my friends) boat it doesn't bother me. The lifter failures did but now I know not to build another solid roller cammed marine engine.
Next one will have a supercharger from what I hear its turn the key and go.
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