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First off obviously you need a KILLER lawer!!!! Second I agree 100% with TooOld on this one. IS IT WORTH IT. I know that it could seem like you want to not "cave in" to them but you need to decide if you want to fight this battle. Probably your Lawer is the only one that can help you make that decision.

I got Sewed by Bose (the speaker company) for a patent Infringement on thier sub box. They came after me guns a blazin. My father lucky for me is a Patent attorney and was able to make it all go away with one phone call. He said he could beat them but it would cost HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars. Well sice I only sold a couple of these things a year I just agreed to never sell another and the whole thing went away.

Good luck to you. I am sure that you being in business for 25 years only helps your cause.

Put your best foot forward!
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We have carried adult items since day one. What the main problem is, is they are trying to do away with adult movies ALL TOGETHER. What happens when the little guy like me keeps folding under the pressure? In a few years You will have MBI knocking on your door because you were looking at porn on the internet. Seems to Me, the majority of don't want anyone to know they like EROTICA, But why can't people Stand up and say Quit messing with my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS!!!??
I hate horror movies. Will not watch a slasher movie to save my life, yet it is protected, and I would not dream to tell someone they could not view them!!!
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We here in Cincy are very familiar with this type of gestapo tactic after the zealots from Citizens for Community Values went on a rampage. It was basically illegal to sell any adult mags Playboy, Penthouse etc. (Huge national attention to the Maplethorpe exhibit when Sy Leis and the boyz raided the Museum and arrested the director). Of all people to stand up it was good old Larry Flynt of Hustler. He had the deep pockets to fight them and has maintained a Cincy location though out. Of course it was portrayed as the sleaze peddlers vs the good and decent members of CCV when in actuality it is a question of 1st amendment rights. So as much as I hate to comes down to is it worth the fight financially. I seriously doubt it...

Recently CCV forced all the N.Ky hotels to eliminate any adult movie selections from the pay per view options by threatening boycotts. That action in my opinion shows the true agenda they are after as that is clearly a decisionable action by an adult to either watch or not. My point is they are huge international companies and they bowed to the pressure rather than to be painted in a negative light. Weak but a business reality...

In essence a agenda is forced by cohersion and threat. Typically the self serving members of the prosecutorial civil service view this as an absolute bandwagon to hitch up on to see if they can be viewed as "tougher than the next guy" on the latest scourge that's attacking our "quality of life". Great press just like other fanatical organizations leveraging the government (Sierra, MADD,PETA etc) and it's institutions which unfortunately are typically filled with self serving politicos.

Now to me, I'm not sure what people like this consider "moral" or "christian" or whatever. I would have thought that the founder of CCV would have articulated this point somewhat more succintly after he was released from prison after the Homestate banking crisis. But alas, he seems to have another agenda...

Whatever the "issue" porn, environment, gambling, manatees, speedlimits, homeland defense... what is important is to take a consistent stand against vocal radical minorities utilizing the goverment against us by shot gunning legislation contrary to the constitution. You may not agree with what someone has to say but you damn well better agree they have the right to say it.

Good luck!
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I am SO SORRY to hear of this aweful situation. As much as it is WRONG what they are doing, is the battle worth risking going to JAIL? Especially, mom AND GRANDMA too? That is TOTAL BULL****! 30 years of racketeering? Have any of these politicians looked in the mirror lately? It may be best to just close up shop and relocate and then sue the town for loss of business and other associated expenses. I cannot imagine it is worth it to not see your daughter, Nasty Habit or anyone else. Also, have you contacted 48 Hours? 60 Minutes? 20/20 etc? Seems to me that the BIG INTERNATIONAL shows like this may be able to help you defend your rights! Good luck.

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Sounds like you really got someone pissed at you, who, unfortunately knows someone in high places....... .

I'm with Too Old, Audiofn, it worth it??? I know you feel that if you back down, they win. But if you don't back down and you do 30 years hard time....they REALLY win !!!

Think hard about this before you junp......

Good Luck !!!
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I'm in agreement with Risk Taker, Audiofn and Too Old on this one. Back off and reload and fight this from a different angle. Unfortunately, free speech is "free'er" for the people in power and it is best to be below their radar.

Good luck
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Aren't you grandfatherd?
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This sucks...sounds like you need one of Lary Flint's know he owns Hot Boat!
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That is grim dude!
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I can't stand a hypocrite. I'm betting that whoever is at the head of this witchhunt has a stack of ginch magazines under his bed.

As for me, I like porn and don't care who knows it.
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