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Default Jackass!

Just heard rumor that one of the guy's on Jackass was killed during a stunt.
If true Im not sure anyone will be very surprised but still sad to lose a life. I think we have all been jackass's at one time or another.
The media is going to have a field day with this one.
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Default Sorry! bad info

Well not exactly the way it was told to me.
Here is the article, the media will really run with this.
"Jackass style stunt"

N.M. Teen Dies in 'Jackass'-Style Stunt
Tue Dec 17,10:57 AM ET Add U.S. National - AP to My Yahoo!

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - A teenager died while practicing what police say was a stunt he and a friend had seen in the movie "Jackass."

AP Photo

More on Yahoo!
Reality TV: 'Jackass'

Stephen Paul Rauen, 15, was ejected from the top of a friend's car Monday after he'd jumped onto the hood, Albuquerque Police spokesman Jeff Arbogast said.

When the driver hit the brakes, Rauen hit the pavement, then was run over and dragged a short distance.

"We had reports the individuals had done it before," Arbogast said.

Police interviewed the driver Monday evening, but Arbogast said it was too early to say whether criminal charges would be filed.

"Jackass: The Movie," which opened in October, is based on the MTV show of the same name. Creator Johnny Knoxville has said the goal of his kamikaze comedy is to make people laugh, and he has no message besides, "Don't try this at home."

Comic bits in the movie range from running around naked in public and "Candid Camera"-style pranks to injuries and gross-out antics.

The film is rated R for "dangerous, sometimes extremely crude stunts, language and nudity," according to the Motion Picture Association of America.

The TV show, which still airs in late-night reruns, drew criticism that it encouraged dangerous behavior.

After Knoxville wore a fireproof suit and allowed himself to be set ablaze and "roasted" on a grill, a few imitators were severely burned when they defied the show's disclaimers and performed their own variations on the stunt in 2001.

Just last week, a 13-year-old Indiana boy died and five other teens were injured after the van they were traveling in hurtled off a railroad track at more than 70 mph, crashed into a parked car and slid 400 feet.

Authorities, who found a camcorder and video cassette near the van with scenes from the show, believe the accident may have been an attempt to a recreate one of the show's stunts.

The movie and the television show repeatedly run disclaimers, urging viewers not to imitate the antics.
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Stupid is as stupid does. I saw the movie and laughed my as off! Does this mean I would try any of teh stunts? Hell NO! People just need to realize that just because someone else did it does not mean that you can or should and if you do, you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK! NO ONE FORCED ANYONE TO DO ANYTHING! Take RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS! Jesus, these people piss me off! It is NOT THE MOVIES fault nor anyone associated with the movie! IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT!!! Thanks to those that made the movie. I LOVED IT! And to all you stupid bastards that tried to imitate it, you should be removed from the gene pool!
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You know this will be a cry for the show to be cancelled Never mind the fact of were are the parrents that 13 year olds are driving around in a VAN, let alone letting a 13 year old watch that swill!!!! Last I checked the age to drive was 16.

Put your best foot forward!
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I'm sure someones ass is on the line for a suit. My 17 year old nephew and his buddies are always imitating this crap. These kids are always all beat up from some kind of stupid stunt. What can you do? This is Fl., home of the kids without real parents. Do all the single trailer park moms from Ohio really move to Fl? (wtf) My brother and his wife are going nuts with this kid, lucky that the girl is pretty straight and a good kid. Nothing suprises me anymore.
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Just culling the herd.......
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Survival of the fitest! If your that stupid to try a stund like that then you propably shouldn' survive. I hate to think that way, but when are people going to start using a little common sence? I've done a lot of stupid **** over the years, but when and if anything happened it was my fault(no one elses!) and I usually got what I deserved (a broken bone here and there, etc.).
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We do some stupid stuff, but not just go out and jump to a hood of a car going fast. Think about what your doing before you do it! LOL, how hard is it to think that??

Sometimes you get more respect backing down from something rather than trying to do something bordering death.
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Okay, I'll be the realistic one here. I did all sorts of stupid stuff when I was younger. I guess I am the only one who ever jerked around and made vidoes of my freinds and I screwing off???? Please.

Too bad these kids are getting killed though, that is somehting we never (thank God)had to deal with thru our stupid antics. Luckily perhaps, we were not insane, but we were kids........Sorry to hear about the loss of life though.
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