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Default Performance Issue versus Display Issues

Sorry for the long dissertation below.

I operate a similar system for my local club. Performance issues are separate from display issues. If the server is under heavy load (i.e., if they're doing a full database backup), you'll experience additional pageload intervals. These are usually short term though and should clear up. The most common problem I see is browser interpretation of the code websites generate.

In general, AOL and Netscape users will always experience some sort of display issues. It's not OSO, it's the way in which the AOL browser and Netscape interpret the code. Between the 3 popular browsers, Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) has about a 80-85% share of the market which is clearly demonstrated in the visitor logs. AOL and Netscape each interpret code differently even though they all say they're "open standard". Even the fonts you see in AOL and Netscape are usually not the ones the author wants displayed, you'll see the true font using MSIE and subsequently the whole page looks better.

Example: Listen to someone from Louisianna, New York, Boston and Dallas say or describe something they're all looking at, at the same time. Each has their own dialect and expression in their vocabulary, but all are basically still speaking english. Park the car in Boston is "Pock the Cah". In Louisianna you'll hear "Ya'll" but in Washington DC you'll hear "You all". Similar situation in the way your browser interprets HTML code.

Since MSIE has the largest share of the market, software companies writing code will write it so MSIE interprets it properly. Netscape and AOL will take some things and interpret them differently. The manufacturers can only do so much to accomodate all browser brands, and they do try. Usually 100% of the display issues you have can be easily fixed by installing and using MSIE. AOL users simply need to use AOL to connect to the internet via their dialup, then minimize the AOL browser. Now crank up MSIE and you'll see a world of difference here on OSO, as well as all your other sites. With the AOL Browser, you can't even vote on a poll on our local club site. Use the AOL browser just to connect, and visit AOL keyword sites. Netscape users need to move over and migrate their bookmarks to MSIE. I thought I'd never say that because I was a Netscape bigot until about 2 years ago.

The only other issue people may have if they're using MSIE is cookie related, need to clear out cookies and log in again from scratch. Hope this helps, but after operating this same system for 2 years now we've found most of the answers to the probs.

Maybe one day all 3 will sing off the same songpage and it won't matter what browser you have, but for now users don't have much of a choice if you want to see a website the way the author intended it to be viewed.



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Keith you are ever so right. I would like to add that while IE is the browser of choice we have had people using Netscape 6 or better having no problems with the site. You can go to for a free upgrade. If you are still having problems you can always call us and we can step you through it over the phone 305-933-3733.

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